How to Reconnect With Joy When You Feel Stressed

BY Parvati

Thank you for letting me know that you liked last week’s post about finding joy in your to-do list. In answer to a question I received, “How do I find joy when my work is stressing me out?”, here are some tips about facing stress with a meditative mindset. It was published on Thrive Global. Getting into this frame of mind is something I practice every day as I face the intensive timelines to realize MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Every second, I feel like I can hear the sound of ice melting. It is certainly not waiting for the world to wake up to this ecological and humanitarian crisis. So I am giving MAPS my all with a “pedal to the metal” attitude and a meditative heart. I hope this serves you!
We can access the beauty and power of meditation when we are busily moving through our lives by developing what I call a meditative mindset. This means that no matter how busy our body may be, our mind rests in the essence of meditation. We cultivate a deeper and broader vantage point about who we are and what we are doing.
When we step into a meditative mindset when faced with a busy life, we gain a different point of view about ourselves, our lives and the world around us. We move beyond feeling identified and attached to life happening to us. In so doing, we loosen the grip of our ego, which clings to unhappiness and illusions of power that will never make us fulfilled. We see more space around each situation, emotion and thought, because we know that everything is contained within and a part of a much greater whole. We don’t take things so personally. We are less reactive. We respond to situations with greater clarity and calm…. [Read the rest at Thrive Global]
For more support to find inner peace and calm no matter what is going on, watch for Parvati Magazine’s “Serenity” issue going live this week. It features a guided meditation by yours truly on how to find your centre when you feel triggered. There will also be inspiring updates on the amazing work by the African volunteers for MAPS in the lead up to the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya.