Reconnect With the Inner Peace and Harmony That Have Been Waiting All Along to Inspire Your Decisions and Your Life

These days, I am immersed in completing the creative content for MAPS. As singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer, I am faced with hundreds of decisions every day. Knowing the state of the world, as Arctic ice melts at a rate of 14,000 tons per second, each day I consciously choose to be maximally effective. From experience, I know that I am in a peak state when I work in co-creation with nature, that is, when I become inwardly still so that my will is in harmony with the universe. Then I can hear guidance from nature. Rather than feeling alone in a studio trying to conquer sounds, composing feels more like taking dictation from the universe. I am immersed in a creative workshop, surrounded by vibrant energies and compassionate intelligence that totally support my highest purpose and deepest joy.

In each moment, we are called to harmonize two seemingly different rhythms: that of our human desire, and that of the natural world. In the purest sense, they are one and the same. We experience their synchronicity when we choose to let go of the idea that we are separate and choose instead to live in partnership with the natural world of which we are an integral part. As physical, sentient, spiritual beings, we are inescapably interconnected with nature and the universe of which it is a part. We are woven into the fabric of life itself. It is impossible for us to make any decision – no matter how big or small – that does not affect the whole.

The Problem with “Problem-Solving”

But we tend to live in dissonance with this natural harmony, fighting the threads of life that weave through our very essence. When we see problems, we feel we must fix them – whether they are emotional issues, a conflict at work, or challenges in our budget. However, this desire to conquer leads to more problems, because lasting solutions, ones that provide true healing, will only arise from a place of feeling connected.

When we act from the belief that we must conquer our inner or outer world, we inevitably create a ripple of suffering in the web of life. This is a knee-jerk reaction based in fear that comes from a fundamental belief that we are not loved or supported. Our disconnected thoughts, feelings and actions are fuel to the fire of our burning world.

From Force and Stress to Fulfillment and Love

If I were to say, “You must force yourself to feel at peace,” you would immediately know that was not possible. That is because you know that peace is a state of calm that arises from feeling connected. When we feel a part of, we feel a love, fulfillment and vitality that are not dependent on circumstance. Peace cannot be forced. It is like a flower that blooms with patience, kindness and nurturing over time. To find inner peace, we must first understand that we are each a part of the compassionate and loving fabric of life.

This becomes clear when we take a moment of pause, out of our daily habits. We tend to run forward out of the moment, push toward what we think we need and attempt to control what we believe we want. But in so doing, we treat ourselves and our environment as if we were yelling at a flower to bloom. We cannot find inner or outer peace from this world view.

Where to Find Inner Peace

The inner peace sanctuary is within our minds, in our understanding of who we are and our place in the universe. It is within our hearts, as we open to the love that is our true nature, and that supports us in each moment. It is in our bodies that carry us through our lives, so that we may act with compassion and serve a hurting world. It is in our spirits, that know of our inherent unity and that soar ever free. It is within each one of us, as one Earth family, as we learn to see ourselves in each other, as sisters and brothers. We each have the same need for food and shelter and to feel loved, and the same capacity to love and serve. The only difference is in our willingness to cultivate the awareness of our interconnection, which is the foundation of discovering your inner peace sanctuary, that already is.

Try This

As you move through the stress of your busy life, see if you can meet the noise of the day by tuning into an underlying stillness and quiet. It is there. Open to it. By engaging with noise, you feel noisy. But by focusing on the quiet, you become still. In that stillness, you will discover greater possibilities, and feel more refreshed and energized. Allow any external sounds remind you of stillness, and know that the still small voice, the peace within, is home.

From my heart to yours,

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