BY Parvati

It is a beautiful, sunny, crisp fall day in South England. We have been using London as a base as we travel city to city, venue to venue, on my “Transcendent Luminosity” UK tour. Driving through the English countryside, I am touched at a soul level with remembrance. I feel I “know” this land, even though I have not spent that much time here, in this life at least. Experiences like this point to the notion of the multiple births we take, as our soul evolves back to oneness with pure spiritual consciousness.
The land seems to vibrate with a natural understanding of our connection to it. History here has been coloured by a marriage between human and nature. I can intuitively sense the ancient ones, known for their Celtic and Druid traditions, that once honoured the Earth with reverence, calling sacred an inherent intelligence found within the living being that is our planet. I can sense nature grateful for my seeing it in its gracious, loving wisdom.
My time at Mind Body Sprit Brighton was an opportunity to connect, face to face, with others like myself, who also remember. The festival for me, in this way, was an emergence and coming together of my past karmas here. Each day, I was touched by extraordinary beings with whom I shared special, unique and timeless bonds.
As we now drive to a yoga studio where I will teach YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine followed by my Life Makeover workshop this afternoon, I contemplate the notion of remembrance, how in essence, all that I teach and every musical show I do is geared to support each one of us remembering our true, divine nature. Within us all is a soul knowing that houses the memories from our previous births. Often masked by our personalities, in which we heavily invest by believing the power of our ego, we forget the magnificence of our true self.
The work I do is my expression of my soul voice. When I do so, I am connected to my life purpose and serve the greater good of all. In YEM, I assist people connecting to Nature through an effortless energetic presence available in every yoga pose. Through the Life Makeover work, I assist people in seeing beyond their habits and tendencies so they may peer into their soul-inspired self. In the sound healing work, we explore that sound of our natural self, without reserve, without judgment, in playful and powerful delight. In the shows I perform, my soul voice sings joyfully, celebrating the gift of this beautiful life.
As we move towards Remembrance Day, we are invited to remember the painful choices we have made culturally that have caused the horrors of war. We each carry within the seeds of hate and revenge. Whether or not we choose to fertilize those seeds is entirely up to each one of us. Peace in our world is built upon individual inner peace. And inner peace arises from our natural connection to our true, divine self, which is rooted in a sacred relationship with the Earth.
This Remembrance Day, contemplate how you invite peace into your life in even the smallest of things: offering your seat to someone on the bus; choosing not to react when someone pushes your buttons; courageously following your deepest joys… Peace is a choice based on remembering your true nature. You are a divine child of the Earth. We are all connected as One Earth Family.
For a little extra inspiration, keep an eye out for the announcement of the next issue of Parvati Magazine, on the theme of Remembrance.
Until next time, lots of love!