I returned from the North Pole journey a couple of days ago. The trip was beyond… a success at many levels. I feel like angels were carrying us. Certainly, I was not “the doer”.

I am in some sort of state of culture shock. There is so much to integrate and process. This was huge. I am also crazy tired as each moment prior to the trip and while away was action packed. We met Inuit elders, healers, hunters, politicians. I spoke at the council meeting in the Nunavut capital Iqaluit about my musical project and giving the Earth a voice. I sang at the North Pole and did three other shows, showcasing a new song I wrote just before the trip. I exchanged music with Inuit throat singers and traditional drummers. I facilitated healing work at the North Pole and in two other Arctic locations. We saw absolutely magical land and wild, prehistoric animals and ancient Inuit sites. When I sit still, I can still feel my body floating from the many small airplane rides, like I am still somehow traveling. It is time now for me to re-juice for the next leg of this journey…

The message we carry back from everyone we met was unanimously the same: please tell the South that the ice is melting, the animals are fewer and we are suffering. I am left with a heavy heart, an ache in my soul seeing even more clearly and palpably the effect of our pollution and our cultural disconnect from the Earth. I feel charged with an even stronger connection to an immense, universal force that can help each one of us wake up, so that we may join together as one Earth family and create positive environmental change to benefit all.

As I integrate the experience over the coming weeks, I will be posting my journals and video blogs from my journey. I will also be working on editing the video footage captured, with hopefully enough to create a video documentary. I also have footage to create music videos of the songs I sang at the top of the world. So please stay tuned… much more coming…

Thank you for your continued support. I felt very connected to all while I was traveling. Though it was my body that was traveling, I felt we were all there together.

We are all Her children.
In service,