BY Parvati

It has been a huge week here for both the music and the not-for-profit I have lots of wonderful updates for you, so please read on to share in the ever expanding effervescence and find out how you can light up the world.
A loving reminder: Have you bought your copy of I Am Light yet? You can buy it on iTunes through the link in the sidebar on this page so that Kupid’s Play, my own record label, actually gets a slightly bigger cut of the sale. You can also gift the track to friends! Let’s spread the light globally.
First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive as my song “I Am Light” has had its first major radio airplay on top 40 radio. None of the traction is possible without you. You are the very energy that makes its luminous engine move. Namaste and pranams!
As you may know, my song “I Am Light” aired across Asia to millions in 25 cities, beginning Friday in Phuket, Thailand. I had goosebumps listening to the song and interview with DJ Dom Lau (think Ryan Seacrest of Asia), coming right after Coldplay’s latest hit “Adventure of a Lifetime”. I was left absolutely immobilized and for loss of words – something that, as you can see by my active blogs, does not happen very often! Two things struck me viscerally upon hearing “I Am Light” live on the radio:

  • It sounds like a hit! It just shines so brightly out of the radio waves. It really is epic.
  • It communicates a powerful force of possibility that feels like a luminous revolution.

If you are in Asia or you have friends who are – particularly in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan or the Philippines – I ask from my heart for your support at this crucial juncture in the radio build for “I Am Light”. Radio stations need to know that people want to hear “I Am Light” again!
Please contact the radio stations in the cities that play Dom Lau’s show Asia Pop 40 and ask them to play “I Am Light” again. We can tell that there is hunger out there for the song. The radio stations need to hear about that hunger right away! The stations are listed city by city here, or you can email to offer your support.
During the interview, Dom Lau asked about my performing at Madison Square Garden and we connected offline about the activism and yogic work that fills my life. I enjoyed the interview. The positive energy I feel really shone through in its live airing. Here is the clip – Rishi’s bootleg version recorded while it was playing live – for you to enjoy, in case you were not able to tune in:

Gaining momentum on the airwaves, “I Am Light” also shone this weekend on two other Asian radio shows, Good Morning Andaman in Thailand, and 97.3FM in Singapore, with DJs moved by the song’s impact. On the Thai show, I was asked to create a prerecorded clip about the song. This was fantastic, as I spoke about the meaning of the song and MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. I encouraged petition signings with a shout out of the website. It was very gracious of Blue Wave FM to support my music being heard and the realization of MAPS. Here are clips from the shows:

A song release is a huge undertaking. People have been asking me what keeps me so busy, with comments like “I thought the video and song were long since complete”.
I have come to soberly realize that my life is really 2% music and 98% business. An international release of this size is usually executed by an army of people backed by the engine, infrastructure and funding of a record label. Instead, Rishi, myself and Pranada – who also works full time elsewhere to pay her bills – are spearheading the “I Am Light” luminous revolution. We often smile at each other and say: “We are the little engine that could”. It is humbling, energizing, focusing and inspiring – the best teacher anyone could have. In essence, is this not what we are here for on the planet – to learn through our actions how to get out of the way and be of service to something much greater than our limited ego or will? This to me, is yoga.
I am in awe of those who have succeeded in the music industry prior to the powerful use of technology. We are now able to track the influx and build of fans and listeners with tools like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube. For example, we know that “I Am Light” was Shazam’d over 40 times this weekend. It shows us that people all over the world were hearing the song and are intrigued! I took a screengrab of a recent post to show you an example of the power of social media. I love that I saw it at the auspicious 10,08 number.
In light of the intense workload required for either initiative, some may wonder how I manage my commitments both to the realization of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, and to the popular success of my song “I Am Light”. I have a few points to respond to that.
Firstly, I really do not feel that I am “the doer”. Instead, I serve something coming through me, that is of essence to all – not of “me”. The energy source for all this work comes through quelling the wanting ego. This happens daily in the stillness of meditation.
Secondly, both the work of the music and of the org revolves around a team of volunteers. Musically, the traction currently gained would not happen without the tireless, selfless efforts of Pranada and Rishi, who join me in our regular 20 hour days, seven days a week. They are epic forces of nature!
Thirdly, the music and the org are not as different as you might imagine. They both come from the same foundation for me: an understanding of our interconnection. “I Am Light” celebrates the reality that we are all light. When we know that we are light, we keep our footprint on the planet light. The success of “I Am Light” is a vehicle to uplift people’s spirits and awaken them to interconnection, and to raise awareness of MAPS. As you can hear in the introduction I gave for Blue Wave in Phuket, I weave MAPS into my media appearances wherever possible, so that everyone may know of this initiative and sign the petitions to compel leaders to sign the treaty. MAPS protects the Arctic Ocean because a protected Arctic Ocean is needed for a healthy planet.
In all that we did for the “I Am Light” music video, we strove to keep the footprint light – from using LED lights wherever possible, deploying reclaimed materials to make sets and costumes, shooting locally, even buying Bullfrog Power to run our computers! I hope that as you listen to the song, or watch the video, you feel inspired to make choices in your life that reflect the light that you are, and the light that is in everything.
This brings me to the exciting updates for The research carried out last fall by the legal counsel – and dear soul sister – Vandana Erin Ryder, on expired oil exploration permits in Lancaster Sound in Canada’s Arctic Ocean, has come to light in the public eye! Joining research and information obtained by other environmental organizations, it has become a story published in the Canadian Press and syndicated to several media outlets across the country. Shell has held oil exploration permits for decades on an area that effectively blocks a proposed marine park, even though these permits should have expired back in the 1980s.
When Vandana learned about this, she was on fire with the understanding that Canadians needed to immediately be made aware that their government had allowed this situation to perpetuate at the expense of a broader marine conservation area in Canada’s vulnerable Arctic Ocean. We are all glad to see that this information is being brought more clearly to the public eye.
If you are not okay with an oil company holding permits for so long past the natural expiration, you can contact your MP, or the Minister for Indigenous and Northern Affairs Carolyn Bennett, to call on the government to make changes that put our shared wealth, the planet, ahead of corporate interests. Please make sure you sign our petitions here.
On the tail of this news, another major breakthrough! You may know that I co-founded in response to learning about the government’s decision to permit seismic testing in Canada’s Arctic Ocean. Seismic testing uses incredibly loud noises – 100,000 times louder than a jet engine – to blast the depths of the ocean and gauge whether oil deposits may be present in the seabed. These blasts go off every 10 seconds 24 hours a day. It has a devastating effect on marine life which communicates and navigates through sonar. There have been many cases of whales and narwhals getting confused, stuck in ice, leaving their normal habitat or even dying in the wake of seismic blasting in their area.
I feel a deep, personal kinship with whales, that guided me on my journey to the North Pole in 2010 and my miraculous spinal healing in 2011. I know on a cellular level that the seismic blasts are nothing short of agony for these magnificent beings. Whales help to protect the planet and purify the air by bringing nitrogen from the ocean’s depths to fertilize carbon-absorbing phytoplankton near the surface. Unfortunately, many of the world’s oceans are being subjected to the rapacious habit of seismic testing in service of oily greed. But in the Arctic, it is particularly crucial for all of our survival that all seismic testing and oil drilling stop immediately and permanently.
We recently learned that the community of Clyde River, Nunavut had gotten leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to stop the seismic testing. Now, the seismic testing companies planning to carry out testing off Clyde River in Canada’s Arctic Ocean have chosen to postpone their planned testing until 2017 while the appeal is heard. One more year for the whales and narwhals in Canada’s vulnerable Arctic Ocean without seismic blasting noise! Knowing that at least this part of the ocean will be free from such blasting gives me a deep sense of relief.
So it is with love and joy that I consider this moment and the days and weeks to come. There will likely be many more nights with scant sleep as the “little engine that could” roars like a lion to bring “I Am Light” to the world. But it is deeply meaningful work. It is all of our soul voices coming together to amplify the light.
Keep sharing the light! Together, we light up the world!
Until next week,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.