The Cosmos and You

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
I have missed you! It has been very, very busy (have I said very yet?) here at the Positive Possibilities Headquarters. My production team and I have gone into overdrive as never before to meet a number of golden opportunities. The stars are aligned. Between music production to bring you my next album, costume construction for a new line of yoga wear, video production to share two new YEM DVDs, website development, and major rebranding, all to meet an opportunity for greater exposure of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, I have simply not spared a moment to post a blog.
But now there is more material than ever to whet your appetite. Since my last blog post:
The September issue of Parvati Magazine, on the theme of “Unite”, is now live. Check it out for an exclusive interview with Marianne Williamson, review of Disney’s “Finding Dory”, and much more. For the first time this month, we produced a Chinese edition of Parvati Magazine! You can read the flipbook, translated into Simplified Chinese, at Please share it with any friends who you think would enjoy it!
I have made a number of updates to my website. You will see a new look and feel for some of my work. I will share more soon about the events coming in 2017.
Plus, if you look under the WORDS tab, you will discover a new book! Aonani of Avalon is a nine-part series that began as a single book idea that arose after my journey to the North Pole. This summer, I travelled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to spend time with Amma and isolate myself to download the book’s juicy theme and imaginative contents. It honestly felt like the book was just sitting in the ethers waiting for me to take dictation. What emerged was the flowering of the single book into a nine-part series. For two weeks, I and my editor Pranada immersed ourselves in Aonani’s world. We are now in the editing and production process and preparing to release the first two books in the coming year. I can’t wait to share the Aonani series with you! Think Harry Potter meets Dune, with eco-spiritual awareness.
I find it interesting that all this creative surge I am now on takes place during Mercury retrograde and during the period between 2016’s two eclipses (a solar eclipse took place on September 1 and a lunar eclipse takes place this Friday, September 16). These are times that may seem in shadow, yet I have found that when we are willing to be present for what the planets are teaching us, we receive profound gifts. So this week, I share more with you about how I came to appreciate the power of the planets.
When I first came across astrology, I dismissed it as silly. It seemed far-fetched to think that distant planets swirling through space would have any power over my world. Back then, I was convinced that life was a matter of putting your mind to what you wanted, and that was what you would get.
When I co-formed my first musical band, I found out that my creative partner was also a full-fledged, hard-core astrologer. I dismissed his talks with his astrologer friends as “astrobabble”. My more willful style of living at times bumped into his more fateful approach, until one day, I was face to face with the undeniable power of the planets and their effect on us.
We were coming close to wrapping up the recording and production of our first studio album, but were unable to complete the project because we would meet unforeseen obstacles and turns of events that seemed to continually set us back. I saw these obstacles as simply a sign that we needed to be more focused, try harder and apply ourselves to our task at hand with more diligence.
My musical partner had another outlook. It was Mercury retrograde, and Mercury ruled all things to do with communication. While Mercury was in this debilitated state, things were bound to come up that would hinder our ability to complete the project. Only once Mercury would go direct would we be able to complete the task we had set out for ourselves and the album would be complete.
I thought that was completely ridiculous. How could a planet that is 77 million kilometers (48 million miles) away from the Earth have anything to do with me and the recording gear that was right at hand? I insisted that we just had to plow on through this apparent planetary challenge and ultimately succeed to get what I wanted when I wanted it.
What I was learning was that when our minute egos try to take on an energetic presence as large as a planet, we inevitably fail. We learn to submit to powers far greater than what we may understand or know, and open to the possibility that we might not have it all quite figured out just yet.
The planets become great allies to our growth when we begin to understand our place in the universe and when we learn to work with the power they have. Or they make absolutely sure that we feel the effect of their mighty power whether we like it or not.
As surely as my bandmate predicted, our album was not completed during Mercury retrograde. It came together with impeccable convergence the very day Mercury left retrograde and went direct. I was speechless. WHAT just happened? How could this be?
I began to pay closer attention to my bandmate’s “astrobabble” to learn about the power of the universe of which we are a part. Becoming open to the significance of the planets and the beauty of astrology added rich colour to my life. My current reverence for the universe and the planets that affect us all is something I now consider on a daily basis.
Mercury is associated with the Roman deity Mercury and the Greek God Hermes. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods, noted for his speed and swiftness. The Hindus call Mercury Budha, meaning “awakening” or “sage”.
Mercury rules two signs, Gemini (the twins) and Virgo (the harvest maiden). As the communicator of the heavens, Mercury rules the arms, hands, lungs and tongue. In medicine, Mercury is associated with the nervous system, the brain, the respiratory system, the thyroid, and the sense organs.
Mercury’s metal is quicksilver, and its colours green and blue. Mercury rules the mind, and the way we communicate and express ourselves. Mercury is quick, busy, and active. Mercury’s action is to take things apart and put them back together again. It is an opportunistic planet, unemotional, cerebral and curious.
Mercury is the planet that governs communications and commerce. Its domain is reason, analysis, verbal and written expression, and trade. It represents the principles of communication such as thinking patterns, reasoning, adaptability and variability.
Mercury governs schooling and education, the immediate environment of neighbours, siblings and cousins, transport over short distances, messages and forms of communication such as mail, email and telephone, newspapers, journalism and writing, information gathering skills, and physical dexterity.
When Mercury is retrograde, as it is now (Mercury appears to move backward through the sky), there tend to be disruptions and delays in communications, technology, business and travel. Delays can work to our advantage while we revisit old issues.
Mercury retrograde periods may not be the optimal time to sign a contract, travel, move house, buy electronics or begin a new venture – only because you may not be seeing with true clarity and what you believe to be fixed may end up changing once Mercury goes direct.
This astrological period is an excellent time to follow through on things you set in motion before Mercury went retrograde, to address backlogged tasks that have been on your to-do list for a long time, and to practice crystal-clear communication with others. For example, it is a great time to see misunderstandings as not as something unfair, happening to you, but as a chance to practice asking for clarification, and expressing yourself clearly and directly, without attachment or taking things personally.
How is this period of Mercury Retrograde going for you? This week, consider how you are an interconnected part of a vastly intelligent universe, and how you may move forward in positive possibilities co-creation with the planetary energies that influence our human existence.
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.