The Greatest Key to Inner Peace

Have you ever seen a cat who didn’t want to go into its carrier? Even if it is sick or injured, it can thrash and fight those who are trying to get it to the vet. Sometimes, we are like cats. We may struggle against what we really need. To find inner peace, we need to look at how we resist it. Nature’s guidance is always available to us. But if we are unwilling, we miss it. Willingness is the third, and most powerful, of the three great keys that unlock Nature’s wisdom for us.

If the opposite of being open to the moment is judging it, and the opposite of being ready for what is is being defensive or absent, then the opposite of willingness is being in resistance. Many of us go through our lives in resistance, not liking what the present brings and trying to impose our own agendas or beliefs on it. Even when we say we want change, we may be deeply afraid of it. Holding on to old patterns in our hearts, minds and actions, we don’t truly show up for the moment as it is. Then we find ourselves in the same situations over and over again, without the transformation we had anticipated.

When you are unwilling to be present with what is, you perpetuate a feeling of dissatisfaction, and pain grows. By resisting what is, you create a push/pull dynamic in which you divorce yourself from your true nature and source of power: being a co-creative participant within the whole. Feeling separate and mistakenly thinking you are the one doing everything, you become frustrated, feel alone and experience a roller coaster of highs and lows from conquest to defeat. This cycle is draining and does not serve anyone.

Change arises from a place of active beingness within you. When you release resistance and are willing to open to the moment as it is, with all its shapes, sizes and colours, you discover the richness of life, where change is taking place. In every moment, there is a spark that guides you along your next evolutionary step, perfectly created just for you by Nature in a loving universe.

The Gift of Willingness

Nature is always with you. You can access its support when you are willing to ask, and willing to receive. Yet it cannot help you if you are closed. If you would like to change, but you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results. Sometimes, you might not want to admit you’re unwilling. You might be afraid it makes you “bad” and undeserving of love or grace. This is not the case. You are inherently worthy. Your unwillingness does not change that. It just keeps you from perceiving or receiving the full gifts available to you.

Nature’s guidance is not about your own agenda, but about whatever is in harmony with the whole. When you live in alignment with Nature, you discover that its agenda is your deepest joy. If you focus on the rain of not getting what you want, you miss the rainbow of the grace that always is.

Open, Ready and Willing to Walk Through the Door

True willingness is fully letting go of all that you think you know. When you understand that you don’t have everything figured out, you surrender to the bigger picture. Openness helps you realize this. Readiness prepares you to change. Willingness walks through the door into a new way of being.

This week, consider the following:
• In what areas of my life am I practicing willingness?
• In what areas am I still in resistance?
• What beliefs underlie my resistance?
• Are they real? Are you sure?
• This week, in what areas of my life will I practice willingness?

From my heart to yours,

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