The Light of the Sun That Always Is

BY Parvati

Image credit: Hernan Pinera

My song “I Am Light” continues to sound on airwaves across Asia. If you have not heard it yet, or even if you have, refresh your ears with the music video here:
In fact, there has been so much radio interest in “I Am Light” that I have decided to make changes to my schedule for 2016 and focus now on getting more songs to radio. I have been working on a number of exciting singles that I am delighted to soon share with you! They are bursting at their creative seams. The increased radio traction and more singles is great news! It means my music will have that much more time to get through the airwaves and build awareness. I can then bring shows to more people in larger spaces with a technological capacity to allow the performance to share more light with you.
This also means that I now enter an intensive production schedule to produce three new singles with accompanying music videos and a new show. I am definitely planning on touring, just a bit later. And I can’t wait!
During the happy events surrounding the launch of “I Am Light”, we have fittingly been exploring the concept of light in this blog. Some may say it is nice to focus on light, but what about the darker parts of life? Am I, by focusing on light, dismissing the painful aspects of our human experience? This week I would like to address this, and look at how we relate to both light and shadow within the full spectrum of life.
It is easy to think of light as good and dark as bad. Polarity, from my experience, only causes suffering. Everyone’s essence is infinite light, which is beyond the duality of positive and negative. It simply is. That eternal presence is the light I celebrate in “I Am Light”.
As we evolve along the spiritual path, we come to realize our essential oneness with this infinite effervescence. We do so through aha moments that seem infinite, and also by accepting the painful, uncomfortable parts of our psyche that we want to cast away, deny, enable or fight.
We all cast shadows. There is not one person on the planet whose darker side does not dot the Earth in some way under the light of the sun and the moon. The more tall and proud we stand in our egos, the deeper the shadow we leave behind, and the more humility we will need to find to embrace our suffering.
At our core, unless we are fully enlightened, we all are uncomfortable in some way with our shadow. There are parts of ourselves that we do not like, and do not want others to see. It is our ego’s tendency to look outside ourselves because we believe we are missing some essential ingredient to become whole. We may perceive that happiness will only come to us when we buy the perfect car, house or dress, get the perfect job, or find the perfect mate. In all cases, most of us are dazzled at first, but find the same sense of restless wanting eventually returns.
I find the most powerful ally I have as I grow and evolve, is the practice of being in non-resistance to what is. Through it, I learn to accept without judgement my delightful and shadowy bits, while I remember that all are equally, lovingly held within the perfect expression of the whole. As I do so, I remember that eternal light is my true nature. All else is passing.
When I feel unsettled, or somehow not quite in the flow, I realize that in some way, I am in resistance to the moment. So I go inside and soften to what is. As with all things wise, it is really simple, though it takes skill and practice. Here is what I do. Give it a try if you like.
Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, if I notice I feel disconnected, angry, judgmental, unsettled in some way, I immediately pause and breathe. I notice whatever I am feeling, from a vantage point of a neutral witness. I start simply, with just looking at my surroundings, and noticing what I see. I just watch, without adding stories to things. For example, I see a tree out the window. I just watch it. I notice the tree, the dancing leaves, the light and the colour. I just notice. Should I hear a car drive by, I just notice it. I hear it drive towards me then pass me. So it is. I notice it.
Then I feel my body within my surroundings. If I am sitting, I feel my body on the chair. If I am lying, I feel the weight of my body towards the ground. I just notice how I feel. I notice the softness or hardness of the surface supporting me.
Then I draw my attention to my breath. What does it feel like? I breathe in. I breathe out. I move my awareness inward and just notice. I feel the quality of breathing. Is it heavy? Is it light? Is it easy? Is it restricted? What is going on?
In this, everything begins to settle and I feel not limited to my thoughts, to the sense of being separate. As divisiveness dissolves, the feeling of being rooted, vital and expansive begins to flow. I feel connected and interconnected. I feel alive and aware. I just stay with that, watching.
When I start to think about what I will have for dinner, or if I will get that call, or whatever, I notice I am going into thinking and simply and gently bring my attention back to the feeling of being here and now.
From this place, I am guided to the next steps in my life, without having to push, manipulate, fear or control. Life arises in each moment. All is unfolding in balanced perfection. All I have to do is be here, now. As I let go of any passing clouds, I return to rest in the light of the sun that always is.
Until next week,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.