The Miracle of Nature's Healing

BY Parvati

Dear friends,
The shoots for my “Yoga in the Nightclub” are going well. We open each shooting session with this invocation:
I am open, ready and willing
To be completely restructured
Around the positive possibilities
Of being me.
It has been a great experience for us and many in the cast. We are still getting amazing emails about how this was the best time people have ever had. They really loved the invocation too!
yin club group shot
While the shoots continue, I wanted to share with you a series of posts which many of you may not have seen before, about a major life event that inspired the creation of my “YIN: Yoga in the Nightclub” album. Three years ago at this time, when the tsunami struck Japan, I was struck in my own way despite being thousands of miles away. I did not speak of it to many at first, but after a profoundly transformative and healing year I shared my journey openly on my blog. Please click through the link below to read about it.
“In the spirit of candour, I would like to share that in some ways I have felt this year that I have been hiding a secret from you all. As I have written these weekly blog entries, I have been simultaneously going through nothing short of huge spiritual and physical transformation. Because of that, my blogging has been therapeutic for me, a way for me to channel the insights that were concurrent with my inner changes. I have loved this vehicle to share the expansive experiences during likely the most powerful, transformative and scary period of my life, in a way that also supported others to grow: a true win-win. Thank you for your willingness to read and support the process. And now, for the reveal…”