The More I Meditate, The More Time I Have

BY Parvati

Image credit: Mathew Ingram

Hello friends,

It is another busy week for me as we are knee deep in the second half of the I Am Light music video production. The video footage is looking great! I look forward to sharing it with you soon. It will be released before the long anticipated Yoga In the Nightclub video, which is epic. I feel so very grateful for the generous support of fans and friends who make our volunteer driven productions possible.

To balance the fullness of each day this past while, my husband Rishi and I are also preparing to spend time offline with family this week in Ontario’s cottage country. Being with the trees and the lake will be welcome soul food. Being in nature is a perfect place to be for me any time of year, but especially in summer.

I heard in public and private messages that last week’s blog post about Facing Stress with a Meditative Mindset touched a chord with a number of people. Thank you for letting me know it spoke to your heart! That is the main reason I share my heart each week about Life in the Positive Possibilities.

After a conversation with a friend this week about a book he was enjoying, I looked up the best-selling author, Michael Singer. During my online perusing, I found and watched a beautiful video in which Michael speaks about karma yoga. I feel he does a beautiful job in addressing a very powerful an often misunderstood topic. As such, I feel it deserves to be seen broadly. If you did not see the video when I shared it on Facebook this week, please give yourself this 14 minute gift and take in its wisdom.


For those who enjoyed last week’s post, please enjoy my Meditation article from the August issue of Parvati Magazine, if you have not already. It expands on a similar topic, and something I have found to be true for me, the seemingly paradoxical idea that the more we meditate, the more time we have to do our tasks.

Wishing you a happy, fulfilled week of meditative delight in every moment.

Until next week, remember:

Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are ONE Earth family.