The Multi-Dimensional Creative Process

BY Parvati

I hope that you are doing well and happily enjoying life. I am in production mode to complete new music for two upcoming EPs (short albums), working on a new literary project, and developing the concepts for several upcoming music videos and a new YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine DVD. With grace, the place of rich emptiness that my daily meditation practice cultivates is the fuel that keeps me effervescent and moving joyfully and effectively through these many tasks.
The week has seen wonderful traction in the realization of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, as the mailing list for the not-for-profit and MAPS petition signatures soared by 40-60% respectively – just in the past week! Deep thank yous to the selfless group of volunteers around me with whom I have the honour to work, and to all those who support this essential cause by signing and sharing our petitions at If you have yet to do so, please do!
From last week’s Art as Soul Food post, I continue to share with you now about the power of art and the multidimensional creative process.
We are spiritual, infinite beings in a temporal body with a temporal personality returning back to the infinite. Our soul is a reflection of the divine, merging back to pure consciousness. Our personality is being purified, the aggregates removed so that we may be vessels of unconditional love.
No one is separate from the whole. We are interconnected in vast ways far beyond the limitations of our personal will and ego. I believe that we each have the responsibility to manage our energy and learning to rest in rooted, vital expansion. I can see this need for personal responsibility in the power our media has to affect all of our lives. Our media is a reflection of who we are. If we were an enlightened society, our media would reflect that consciousness.
Because of the power of the media, I feel that the role and corresponding responsibility of the artist throughout history has never been more potent. Through the conscious co-creation between the artist’s inner inspiration and the collective field of consciousness, artists have the ability to actively serve a shift in human consciousness, if they so choose.
Joseph Campbell, the American mythology professor, writer and orator, said, “The function of the artist is the mythologization of the environment and the world.” He believed it was the role of the artist to give a current voice to the divine intelligence whose source is beyond time and space, to re-interpret myths and communicate them in today’s language.
Through the palette and potency of conscious multi-dimensional co-creation, we each play our part in tapping into and contributing to our collective energy field. I have chosen to weave together my love of music, yoga, words and activism. What is your joy?
Before my shows, photo and video shoots, I often am found stepping into a slick self-made gold spandex and sequin outfit, then weaving my long braids through an elaborate headpiece to summon the Cosmic Intelligence and transform into Natamba. Much more than an imaginative costume, Natamba is to me an expression of the magnificence of our true luminous potential. Natamba is the being of liquid gold light from Avalon that you see in my “I Am Light” music video.
I feel that I am part of a new generation of multi-media artists that I call multi-dimensional co-creators. As a multi-dimensional co-creator, I am aware that I am part of a vast universe, and I feel I work with the palette of broad understanding that everything I see around me is a reflection of what I think, feel and believe. My thoughts are literally creating my reality.
I know that the creative process, whether conscious or not, taps into a collective field of energy, to such an extent that literally what we each do, think and create both reflects and shifts the directive of our collective consciousness as a whole.
For this reason, I see it as important that our creative offerings arise from a place of presence and awareness. In this way, we amplify and support our collective evolution. To create from a place of wanting or disconnection only amplifies such tricky energies in seen and unseen ways, both for ourselves and for the world around us.
Each one of us has a shadow. We are human. We err. We cast a shadow upon the ground. The wise begin to know their shadow and welcome it into their field of awareness so that they may witness it and it may ultimately dissolve.
When we expand into the beings of light we are, we may co-create with unseen energies that are luminous and expansive, such as angels. When our shadow remains unseen, hidden from our conscious mind, it can begin to rot in the dark. Like any wound that is not in clean air and open to the light to heal, it can begin to fester. We then run the risk of co-creating with freeloader energies that do not serve the greater good of all.
A few years ago, I was on a plane back from an international music conference. I sat with some well-established musicians who were on tour with a world famous singer. Her energy had a powerful entropic pull. It was well known that she was struggling with addiction and sadly in denial about the depth of her condition. Her sad songs were massively popular. Perhaps many of us are habituated to feeling comfortable in constriction. I was left wondering, what energetic force was creating through her music? And what within her listeners was attracted to its sorry stories?
When we listen to music or when we engage in any art, we must ask ourselves, “Does this make me feel expansive? Does it make me feel constrictive?”
We are organic beings, connected to a vast universe. We have free will. We can easily move away from evolution just as much as we can move in alignment with it. It is entirely up to us to manage our consciousness and evolve. When we evolve, we move away from suffering. When we remain attached in the dark, we suffer.
Art that is based on surface gratification will satisfy our surface personality temporarily but will not ultimately support our freedom. Only when we have the courage to go deeper and touch the eternal does suffering cease.
Anything we take in through our sense organs has a vibrational presence. We must make sure that what we ingest is in our highest good as ultimately, that is what is in the highest good for all. My suggestion is, ingest only deliciously, nutritious, rooted, expansive and vital art that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs: “YES LIFE!”
Until next week,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.