The Perfect Cosmos

BY Parvati

Dear friends,
We have just sent off the second edition of my book Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie: A Revolutionary Life Makeover for the Sincere Spiritual Seeker to the printers. Those of you joining me for the workshops on my Transcendent Luminosity UK fall tour will have first opportunity to get your very own copy!
Friday night, there was a lunar eclipse. Eclipses, as I have mentioned in the past, are a powerful time to do sadhana. There is a special stillness in the air.
In recognition of the vastness of the cosmos and in celebration of the second edition of Confessions of a Former Yoga Junkie, here is a special preview from the book.
Looking forward to seeing you in the UK very soon,
At the heart of all that is, is perfect stillness. Within the bindu, or point of creation in Sanskrit, life arises in its full splendour. From the unmanifest dimension of the divine, the universe is born and evolves like a cosmic dance in absolute harmony – graceful, fluid, staccato and chaotic.
There is an expression of integration within all that is. Waves of the ocean are expressed through the waves of the breath that move through our bodies, giving life to our human experience, like the arising of pure consciousness in each moment. We are no-thing, yet, it all.
At this very moment, Om, the sound of manifestation, echoes through our universe in unfathomable profundity. Reverberant with an eternal truth the great sages have embodied through their yogic practices, the divine permeates a perfect cosmos in absolute balance.
That which is millions of light years away is connected to all things through light and sound as an expression of the divine. In the vast expanse of deep, dark space, stars are born and explode in a dramatic display of technicoloured luminosity.
Every particle in the physical universe is formed by its particular sonic frequency. As such, it sings. Just as two wave forms pulsating in proximity will synchronize, the harmonic relationships between the planets and all that exists within our cosmos move toward greater unity. The phrase “harmony of the spheres” is not a metaphor but an accurate expression of our universe.
From the immensity of this perspective, far beyond habitual notions of who we are, we start to understand ourselves as an integral part held perfectly within an intelligent and vibrant whole. Through this, the boundaries so precious to our ego begin to dissolve.
Modern physics tells us what mystics have always known. Everything is interconnected. The notion of “I”, as an entity separate from the whole, is illusion. This spiritual truth rests at the heart of yoga.
Life-force energy flows through the particles of the world in a continual cosmic dance. The image of the great yogi Siva in ecstasy as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance, captures this exquisitely. Eternally dancing the rhythms of the universe into being, he is the master weaver of time and space.
As we embrace the dance of our unique life within the perfect whole, we come to understand that the compassionate sword of the warrior goddess Kali exists within our spine like the sacred tree of life. As energy rises through our being in flashes of illumination, we experience her dharmic sword that cuts through the darker recesses of our psyche and sets us free.
As part of this symphonic universe, we each express our own soul song in greater or lesser harmony with the whole. Through our spiritual evolution, we come to see ourselves within a wise multidimensional process returning us to unity with Om. As we truly understand the sacred beauty of our interconnection and the humbling power of who we are, we witness the release of our psyche’s discordant notes, so that they no longer amplify dissonance in the world.