The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time, Part 3: The Power of a Woman's Body

BY Parvati

I feel very blessed to be a woman, even though I have not always felt that way. I have found it hard to accept that in the West in subtle ways and overtly in many places in the world, women are treated as less than men. I believe that cultures have feared throughout his-story a sacred power within a woman’s body. I also believe that both men and women misunderstand and mistrust it even today.
A woman’s body has a sacred tie to the Earth. Within women there is an essential force that serves to keep life in balance. This energy is not limited to women per se, as men too may be in touch with it. But women must make peace with it to be at peace with their physical incarnation.
The planet is our mother who gives and sustains our life. The Earth makes it possible for us to live on this planet. Just like an infant is dependant on its mother to survive, so too we are dependent on our mother Earth.
A woman’s body is uniquely tied to the cycles of the moon, planets and cosmos through our menstrual cycles. Just like the ocean’s tides flow in and out, as though the ocean were breathing, so too as women, we experience the tides of change in our bodies.
This experience of interconnection is by no means limited to women. It is however more overt for those who are in tune with the divine feminine. This biological connection that women have gives us a unique power to share with the world. I believe it is up to us to give it a voice. We can remind all people of our interconnection with our planet, nature and each other, because all humans are part of that connection. All men, women and children are made of the very same stuff – the same carbon atoms – that is our natural world.
We tend to find wonder in the beauty of nature. We do not judge a tree for its markings, or bark that may be falling off. We do not judge a flower when its petals begin to wilt. There is beauty in all cycles of life. I believe this gives us a clue to the true nature of our beauty. To cling to artificial means to hide the lines in our face, sagging skin, the various shapes and sizes we all come in, to me, goes against the beauty we know in nature. And since we are all part of nature, this goes against our true self.
It is no coincidence to me that cancer is as prevalent today as it is. We pollute our environment with chemicals. And we are part of the Earth. We are inextricably interconnected. So when we pollute, we bring harmful, and ultimately lethal, toxins into ourselves.
Every New Year is a time when we are reminded of renewal. Interestingly, the first day of 2014 is marked by a new moon, a poignant time of new beginnings.
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May you meet this turn to the New Year as an opportunity to gain greater connection with yourself, the cosmos and the sacred cycles of the Earth, as you let go of the old and make way for the new. May the divine feminine inspire you now and through 2014!