The Power of the Divine Feminine in a Dark Time, Part 5: Today's Woman

BY Parvati

We have come a long way in a short period of time towards equality between men and women in societies around the world. But there still remains a lot of work to be done in our minds and hearts so we can see each other as true equals – different, yes, but equal in our importance and in the roles we each play.
The problem is not “out there”, but within. We must trust our true inner beauty and not buy into externally controlled ideas of beauty. We must trust our innate inner wisdom and not doubt the ways we operate, which is different for men and women.
After years of practice, my partner and I have begun to develop a good sense of humour around the way we see things differently. He understands that at times, I just need to talk and only need him to listen and “receive” me – not try to fix me. I understand that he will set up a spreadsheet in an opposite manner to how I would, or he will just need to go out as though he is on a hunt to bring back goods for us to enjoy. Some of these simple things that make up our day we do very differently.
Yet it is our differences that give us strength. As women, we add value to society to create a whole picture, one that is both yin and yang. I do not believe that women’s rights are about women becoming men. It is about being treated with the same dignity, justice and rights.
We must learn to be relaxed as women, appreciating the changing moon, the ebb and flow of the tides, and know that we are part of a much greater picture. We are the planet. We are her children that are stewards to care for the earth and all beings on it. If we treat all beings equally, this sets the correct example on how we wish to be treated.
Nature is not in a hurry, but evolves over time. So too we must take this bigger picture and not despair or fall into feeling against what is. This will pull us down. We must stay focused on who we are, take one day at a time and be with what is so that this singular moment may flower into an exquisite tomorrow.
I would like to leave you with a poem by mandala artist Mark Golding whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Brighton, while I was on my last UK tour this past fall. Mark came up to me and recited it having overheard that I love the Divine Mother. I was so moved by his spontaneous sharing, as his words spoke to me deeply. May it inspire you as it did me! Enjoy!
Thy shimmering ethereal
appears so solid and so real
when truly all we ever know
is that still moment we call now
She tries so hard to grasp the air
to freeze the moment, ‘cos she’s scared
of freedom’s flight, its majesty
of soaring ‘bove the tops of trees
and feel the view the angel sees
of all the connectivities
‘tween thee and me
She knows perfection, silent grace
and then upon her perfect face
her smile appears
and so she hears
the love within her soul
She feels the peace that dwells within
and tingling through her softened skin
is fearlessness and dignity
for realising it is she
the Goddess, once again reborn
Alive, her magic and her power
that gain momentum every hour
through every day of journeying
to her perfected dreams
Within the essence of her soul
she holds the keys, she knows the goal
to raise communion’s destiny
and surging ‘pon her Goddess light
resolves her duty, and her right
to be the love of all
For – Equal in this sacred time
and space, that breathes the pure divine
empowered she
enabling me
to witness her ascending airs
of subtle breath revealing stairs
illuminating journeys of the soul
aurora reflected