THE POWER OF THE MALE PRINCIPLE: Shine Your Light Into The World

BY Parvati

Happy Father’s Day! Today I celebrate the inner male within all, whether you are a man or a woman, whether you have children or not.
As eternal, divine beings having a temporal, human experience, we ultimately are each a reflection of the divine, which is beyond the dual notion of male or female. So within each one of us is a sublime blend of male and female energies, to varying degrees. So today, I celebrate father’s day for everyone by sharing thoughts about the role of the father in our lives. I have shared some of this in past blogs, but also add new insights.
If our mothers are like the lunar presence in our lives, teaching us about our inner world of intuition and emotions and showing us how to feel safe and loved just as we are, fathers are like our personal solar force. They lead us out into the world, ensuring we have the confidence and ability to shine within society.
Our fathers show us how to equip ourselves with a strong sense of capability so that we are able build the lives we want. Their strength, support and guidance give us the tools and skills so that we can achieve what we put our minds to accomplish.
The feminine principle teaches us surrendered receptivity, learning how feel our own personal flow within the greater whole. Cradling us within the big picture and the spiritual presence of the cosmos, our mothers help us learn that our unique soul voice is a valuable and integral part of the whole. They help us to be receptive to and honour it, as a reflection of the divine.
The male principle teaches us surrendered action, showing us how to be aligned with the greater whole, as we follow our personal flow. Feeling rooted in a healthy sense self due to our maternal guidance, fathers teach us about the whole, inspiring us to fit into the universe. Helping us find and be aligned with our divine, spiritual purpose, fathers ensure that as we move out from the introverted, lunar and soulful female nest, we know how to let our soul shine and merge into spiritual light.
From a worldly perspective, the whole could be seen is institutions, organizations, religions, big business, government and corporations. But from a spiritual perspective, the whole is the notion that we are not temporal beings, but one with eternal consciousness, temporarily living within finite form.
We do not necessarily need to find the guidance from the male principle from our dad. Whether or not we had the parents we wanted, we learn to internalize the positive attributes of both the male and female energies as we live, grow and evolve, so that we may live in fulfilled balance.
So today, on father’s day, consider the way you are aligned and inspire by the male principle so that you may continue to shine your unique light into the world.
Blessings to you,