This Moment Could Be Your Sweetest Yet. Here's How To Make It That Way

Have you ever sat down to meet with someone and felt they were not interested in anything you had to say? Maybe they were just stuck in a particular way of thinking. However, you saw possibilities.

Now imagine that your mind is doing that to yourself. The moment is open to you, but your mind is closed and impatient. It dismisses all possibilities before even hearing them out. The truth is, most of us do just that! Openness is key to accessing Nature’s support for inner peace.

Touch the Sweetness of the Moment

Many of us are prone to seeing life as “happening to me”, as though somehow the moment or the universe itself were against us. There is a passive power you get in complaining, feeling hard done by and victimize. But this kind of power can never be fulfilling. Since we are all connected, and our every thought has a ripple effect, there is no such thing as something happening “to” you. You are always a part of what is. Nature cannot support disconnected thoughts, or it would be supporting your ego, which thwarts the flow of evolution. Openness helps you remember this and get unstuck. This present moment could be the sweetest moment yet, if you open.

But here is the catch… you cannot open when you are attached to ideas of how life should be. When you hang on to feelings of “would have, could have, should have”, you miss out on the gift of the here and now.

The Pause for Possibility

To discover a state of receptivity, take a moment for a few deep breaths. In that pause, you find space. In that space is possibility. This experience is essential, because in possibility comes the first awakening to another way. This means that you can begin to witness the real options available to you in the moment.

Change arises from a place of presence. When you are willing to open to the moment as it is, you discover the richness of life, where change is taking place. In every moment, you can find Nature’s wisdom to guide you along your next evolutionary step.

Practice Inner Peace Now

This week, whenever you notice feelings of “life is happening to me” as though you are a powerless victim, practice pausing and finding the space of possibility. Keep using the meditation timer I suggested last week.

I also invite you to consider these questions:

  • In which ways am I open to possibility?
  • In which ways am I closed to them?
  • What might happen if I were to practice openness?
  • How would my life change? How would that affect others?

From my heart to yours,

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  1. I suppose by practicing openness it will become more of a habit. At the moment I wonder how I will ever get to that point where I comfortably notice what’s happening around me and choose action based on something that opens to me, rather than me acting from authority or old habit.

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