Tune In to the Power of the Solstice

BY Parvati


As the season shifts from fall to winter, I feel that I too am changing. I have been busy in my role of director for, as we volunteers continue to spread the word for MAPS all over the world–most recently thanks to my dear friends Vandana and Darcy at COP24, the UN Climate Conference in Poland. I have also been editing eight inspiring full-length books that I have been writing, dedicated to MAPS, from self-help to fiction. I really look forward to sharing them! Now, I am about to dive deeply into the world of sound to wrap up the five albums I have written and produced for MAPS over the next month. Before I immerse myself in my music studio, I wanted to make sure you saw this guided meditation from this month’s Parvati Magazine. The beautifully transformative energy held expressed by the winter solstice occurs this week, so please give yourself the gift of being present for it.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice is a turning point as the sun reaches an all-time low. This is the longest night and shortest day of the year. While Nature is at its darkest and most introverted, we often find ourselves at our busiest. Despite the merrymaking and socializing of the holiday season, this is a soulful time to go within so we can be present for the return of the light.

Within the darkness, Nature moves quietly towards spring. The winter solstice reflects the second stage of a cycle that began with the fall equinox. It involves planning and designing for the year ahead.

Having always felt deeply connected with Nature, I find it rejuvenating to honour the winter solstice. This year, it occurs on Friday, December 21 at 5:23 p.m., Eastern Standard time, or 10:23 p.m., UTC. Fifteen minutes before that time, I turn inward and become aware of what is about to take place in Nature, so that I can allow myself to feel a part of the shift.

Give it a try. On December 21 at 5:08 p.m., find a quiet place where you feel safe and undisturbed. Close your eyes and lie back, or sit comfortably with a relaxed gaze. Take several long breaths. Allow your awareness to move inward. Feel anchored in your body and let yourself settle.

As you come into this quiet space, thoughts and feelings will likely arise. Give yourself permission to feel them. Do your best to meet whatever arises without judgment. Welcome your whole self into yourself. In the presence of Nature, you are safe, loved, connected, seen, just as you are.

As you do this winter solstice practice, consider that Nature is an intelligent, living whole. It is an aspect of the universe of which you are an integral part. It is evolving just as you are. Whether or not you choose to connect with it consciously, you cannot help but be in a constant state of co-creation with Nature, as you are an inherent part of it.

In the quiet, feel receptive to Nature’s plans and designs in your life. Whether or not you sense them on a conscious level, your willingness to be present for them will help align you to make choices that receive them optimally in the coming months.

You may also consider how the environmental crisis in our world today is an opportunity to connect more deeply with Nature. It is the call from the planet herself, our mother. She is teaching us how to become more compassionate and make wiser choices based on understanding our interconnection. What I do affects you. What you do affects me. What we all do affects the planet. We are not isolated islands but one Earth family.

When we understand that choices made in disconnection from our true nature only lead to unhappiness for ourselves and others, we become lighter and more enthusiastic about the power we have to choose. When we see with absolute clarity what we are choosing and why we are making those choices, our decision-making process will become more effortless.

As stewards of the Earth, we are called to live in harmony with ourselves, others and our planet. As we choose the light of our nature, we light up the world.

Wishing you rooted, vital and expansive joy this solstice.