Welcome the Birth of Light in Your Life

BY Parvati

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas! May the holidays this week bring you joy and richness.

For Christians, today is the lighting of the last of the four Advent candles—hope, peace, joy and love—as the season moves to its culmination with Christmas. I love the idea that even as days grow dim, light has been increasing, just waiting for us to celebrate it.

We are here, on this planet, amidst the beauty and imperfections of it all. We each carry inner light that both shines and casts shadows on the ground. As the one who was born in a manger shows us, when we are willing to live with the innocence of a child and open in purity to the moment, we enter the realm of the Divine.

This Christmas, no matter what tradition you do or do not embrace, welcome the birth of light in your life. Revere this moment with freshness, rather than with anticipation or expectation. Soften to the now, rather than hardening to it. Become as receptive as a child to the newness and wonder of what is. Sense the interconnections between yourself and all things. Consider that heavenly light is the very same light that exists within you and shines through all.

With innocence, purity and humility, we meet the child of God that we each are. Then we discover the fullness of light in every moment.

May you enjoy this day and every day. Happy illuminating!