What does Peace Mean?

Peace is as vast as the universe, as broad as the sky, as exquisite as the most precious flower and as deep as the roaring oceans. In this way, how can we really define it? When I was a child, I heard that having a spiritually connected life meant finding the “peace that passes understanding.” That phrase has always stayed with me. How could we ever understand peace with our limited mind or through the lens of our ego or finite will, when it rests in, and is a gift from, the infinite?  

Yet just as the light of the sun will reflect in every pool of water and show itself to us, we will see evidence of those whose hearts, minds and souls are ignited by peace. Moments of peace may make themselves known to us through the sparkle in a child’s eye, the knowing smile of a silver-haired senior, the joy of a frolicking puppy, or the activist who sits quietly yet resolutely in an endangered tree. As we continue to move through our “Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary” workshop, I’d like you to consider what peace means to you. What is your definition of peace? I would love to hear your thoughts.  

What World Peace Means and Why Inner Peace is Essential 

 It takes my breath away that as I write this post, Wikipedia staggeringly lists 50 wars, conflicts or skirmishes that have killed people in the past year. And beyond those tragedies, I think of all the personal wars we wage against those around us, disguised by our desire to be right, feel heard or get ahead in the world. I also consider the very real war we wage on ourselves, even from moment to moment. 

 To me, peace in the world means an end to violence, both within and without – the way we harm ourselves and others. It also means an end to injustices such as oppression, discrimination, and all the senseless crimes against our very nature that cause suffering. When we live in peace, we live with the awareness that we are inherently interconnected. From this, a courage is born to choose compassionate action toward ourselves, each other and the world.  
In peaceful living, we shift from experiencing ourselves as disconnected beings who seek to solve problems we perceive as “out there.” It cures us from our human tendency to sense that somehow life is “happening to us.” We are inspired by the truth that however we choose to think, feel and act affects all life, everywhere.  

This week, please consider these questions throughout each day: 

  • What does peace mean to me?  
  • How do I wage war on myself, others and the world? 
  • Am I willing to see a more peaceful way?  
  • What could I choose to do differently?

Please share your thoughts in the comments if you wish. To ensure you don’t miss a post, sign up below for weekly updates. Have the most peace-filled week ahead. 

From my heart to yours, 

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