What If the Way to World Peace Began in Kindergarten?

BY Parvati

I often say that most disputes would be resolved if we could only remember kindergarten logic – if I break your toy, I fix it; if you break mine, you fix it. In a world of ego strutting, lawsuits and elbowing to get ahead, we can easily forget the simplicity of our interconnection and common sense ethical values that make the world a happier place. No matter how acclaimed, influential, educated or socially prominent we may be, we have not yet graduated from kindergarten if we don’t possess basic kindness and respect.
We each are guardians of our inner child. We are called to take care of, listen to and honour the one within our heart and soul who knows exactly what she needs to follow her joy. That inner child is the one who sings effortlessly from her heart and shares that joyful light with the world. As we follow that joy, we are inevitably in a state of respect to all living things, because we honour and respect ourselves, which is connected to all.
As we age, we often forget the simplicity of our inner child’s expression, the things that make our soul sing. The shiny complexities of life seduce our adult self and silence our inner voice. As I explore at length in my soon-to-be-published book The Three Supreme Secrets for Lasting Happiness, we all have a persona that we feel is necessary to mask personal discomfort and inner pain. We trade in our open hearts to maintain a protective self-image that keeps us feeling powerful, yet deeply alone – until we realize it not only is safe but essential to honour our inner child.
Most of us spend a lot of our lives striving to upkeep the illusion of our ivory towers. We fool ourselves into thinking that they will make us feel happier than if we were to sing our soul’s delight while believing in Santa. Often our parents did the same. They did not know how to voice their inner child, so did not know how to nurture ours fully. At some point, we ended up developing an inner parent who busily chases passing clouds rather than cherishing the voice of our inner child.
Perhaps most legal cases, disagreements and wars around the world would never even begin if more people had graduated from kindergarten, honoured their inner child and remembered the simplicity of our interconnection. As children of the Earth, we are stewards of the health of our planet, including caring for all living beings that live upon it. We are one Earth family. Whether or not you have a physical child to call your own, each one of us has the opportunity to care for many children – our inner child, the child-like innocence of the natural world, and the people with whom we share this beautiful planet. Let us humbly remember this and simply love.

Thank you for reading! All my music, yoga and words are dedicated to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. MAPS is an urgently needed global intervention to protect the polar ice that keeps our planet cool and weather stable. The ice caps ensure we have the food and water we all need to survive. Please support MAPS at for the sake of all life on Earth. From my heart to yours, it literally means the world.