Yoga for Musicians – Part 1, The Power of Yoga

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
While we are still full tilt on video production for “Yoga in the Nightclub” and “Shanti Om”, my blog postings in the coming weeks will discuss yoga for musicians. Here is part 1. Enjoy!

Finding Balance in a Rock ‘n’ Roll World

The music business is built on rock ‘n’ roll ethics – partying hard and living large – as aspiring stars and executives strive to make their immortal mark on the world and live like gods. When injuries, exhaustion, discontent, overdoses and addictions set in, all artists and business heads must make peace with the sobering fact that we are actually part of nature, and as such, must live by earthly, mortal laws.
For some, that may sounds like a drag. But the good news is, living in alignment with nature lets us tap into an infinite well of power and creativity, the very life-force that continually creates this amazing universe in which we live. So why not trade in the never ending, rollercoaster search for temporary highs for a life that welcomes eternal bliss?
Trade in Fool’s Gold for the Real Thing
If you are tired of fool’s gold not delivering the goods you seek, take a look instead at a radiant, ancient practice and science of life that is making strides all over the world. The yoga market in 2012 was a staggering 27 billion dollar industry in the USA, as compared to the 32 billion music industry. ( Statistics alone show there has to be something to this yoga stuff.
The cream rises to the top and now yoga is at the top of our world market, right alongside our favorite artists. If U2, Sting, Alanis, Madonna, Maroon 5, Moby and The Flaming Lips are into yoga, why not give it a go?
What is Yoga Anyway?
The art and science of Yoga reaches far beyond the impressions most Westerners have of it being a series of bendy, physical exercises. Yoga is a systematic body of knowledge and practice that teaches integrated living, while living our highest good, following our deepest joy.
While yogic knowledge spans the breadth of spiritual study, herbal medicine, astrology and such, what we mostly know of yoga in the Western world is one small branch of it, called Hatha Yoga, which concentrates on the health and purity of the body. Whether you are doing Kripalu, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Kundalini, or any other kind of yoga in a local yoga studio, you are likely doing some form of Hatha Yoga.
The goal of Hatha yoga is the purification of subtle channels that run through the body, so as to live a life of unending bliss. It is understood that our ego and our attachments are in the way of this fountain of joy, and as such, clog our ability to tap into true abundance.
Say Goodbye to Stress, Strain and Side Effects
If you no longer want the stress and strain of fighting for what you want, and are ready to ride the natural tides rather than push or resist the flow, if you are ready to embody your true awesomeness without fanfare and exhaustive effort, yoga can help you touch the eternal and channel the bliss you have always wanted. And the best part is, there are no negative side effects. In fact, the opposite is true. All side effects you get from yoga and meditation only serve to boost your creativity, increase your stamina and anchor your self-esteem as you face the most challenging times in your music career.
Less Effort, Maximum Gain
Whether you are on the road, on stage or in the studio, yoga and meditation can provide you with simple, effective tools to help you get the most out of your valuable life-energy and time. Think: less effort, maximum gain.
As a singer-songwriter, performer and producer who is heavily into yoga, I will share some of the amazing things yoga gives me on a daily basis as I face the extreme and unique demands of the full-on music business. From tips for keeping you fit and centered when touring, to how dealing with performance jitters and how to avoid that sore back you get from too much computer work, I have been living it all, ran into walls and had to find my way out, thankfully, through the life-saving practice of yoga and meditation.
Continues next week with “Healthy in the Midst of It All”.