Yoga for Musicians – Part 4: Roots and Inspiration

BY Parvati

YOGA EXERCISES FOR MUSICIANS [continued from Part 3]
Standing: Roots and Inspiration
The vertical zero point is called Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Let’s give Mountain Pose a try:
1. Stand, feet hip width apart, knees relaxed. Your navel moves gently back towards your spine, tailbone slightly tilted towards the front of your body so that it releases like a plumb line towards the Earth. Eyes are relaxed yet focused on a point in front of you. The crown of your head broadens and floats gently upward. Shoulders are relaxed.
2. Breathe in. Breathe out. Awareness of your breath deepens. Notice what you feel in your body. Imagine that your spine is the central channel of energy that runs through your body/being. It connects the sky and the earth through you.
3. Feel your feet. Feel your energy move downward, towards the core of the Earth.
4. Notice the crown of your head. Let it float upward. Feel your connection to the sky and the whole. As your feet release into the ground, the Earth meets you. A wave of energy flows up through your body towards the crown of your head.
5. Inhale, draw energy through the crown of your head, through your spine, into your body/being.
6. Exhale. Allow this energy to fill your entire being.
7. Continue breathing in and out this way, feeling rooted and inspired.
I will conclude this series next week with an asana flow that serves as your personal gym. In the meantime, the latest issue of Parvati Magazine is now live, on the theme of “Charm”.

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Enjoy the gift of this day,