Your Favourite Parts of Life in the Positive Possibilities

BY Parvati

I was curious over the Christmas holidays to find out which were my most loved blog posts in 2018.
In the process, I was happy to discover that several of my posts from years ago are still being enjoyed. You’ll be happy to know that I dive deeply into their topics in my upcoming books The Grace Mindset, The Oneness Reality and The Three Supreme Secrets for Lasting Happiness.
I am now putting the finishing touches on these books—plus five more. (Yes! I have been very busy!) They are dedicated to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. They help create the necessary shift in the way we see ourselves, others and our planet for a peaceful world.
Here is the Top Ten list – in order of popularity – to whet your appetite for these books, which I can’t wait to share with you!
Healing Pain Through Love and Acceptance:
Loving Myself And The World Beyond Condition
The choices you make right now, based on how you choose to perceive this moment, are literally creating your future…
What to Do During An Eclipse
An eclipse provides an optimal time for spiritual progress and selfless service. During the dimming light, your attachment to your ego is dulled, allowing you to access the light of pure consciousness that animates the universe…
How to Fill Your Life with Gratitude and Grace
When you meet this moment as it is, with all its colours, dark and light, you realize the true possibilities in your life. There you find happiness, abundance and gratitude. Feeling grateful for what is, you tap into a wealth of power and vitality that had been waiting for you all along…
How Do You Recognize the Satguru
How can you get the spiritual guidance that will lead you to the ultimate goal in life, which is realization of your divine self? For this, you need what is known as the satguru, the true enlightened master…
What You Can Learn From Butterflies About Surrender
The notion of surrender can be bewildering. We may associate it with “throwing in the towel”, giving in or even becoming roadkill as someone else’s will rides roughshod all over us. From your ego’s point of view, surrender may seem like giving up and somehow taking a loss. But when you look deeper, you see that nothing could be further from the truth…
How to Take Off the Mask and Be Kind to Yourself
Though we tend to hide our shadows in the dark or try to outshine them by focusing exclusively on the light, we need to pause for a moment and humbly become aware of them because they are opportunities for awakening. They are aspects of ourselves, severed from our awareness, tied up in holding onto perceptions of separation, helplessness and pain…
May All Beings Be Happy
The growth in global darkness is ours to collectively transcend as one Earth family. We must take heart, remembering that whatever we choose to focus on will grow. We cannot fight hate with hate. Only more hate will come from such a choice….
How to Feel Meditative in a Busy Life
Meditation may conjure images of sitting still and quieting the mind. Though my morning sit is the foundation and heart of my practice, meditation can be practiced at any time, anywhere, because meditation is about being in non-resistance to what is….
How to End the Cycle of Judgment for Good
When we feel judged, our knee-jerk reaction is to judge in return. Yet, this only perpetuates the pain in ourselves and others. So how to end the cycle of judgment and find greater authenticity and freedom from fear?
How to Connect with the Wisdom of a Child
In honour of the United Nations Universal Children’s Day, I asked my beautiful friend Dr. Emma Farr Rawlings if she would be willing to share some of the amazing findings she has been unveiling in her inspired work with children.