Your First Steps to Cultivating a Peaceful Spirit in a World of Turmoil

There is a time-honoured moment of truth in many heroes’ journeys, where they wish to roar into battle to save the day, and yet they must go inward first – because that is the only place they can find their real power to make a difference.

The truth is that a peaceful spirit holds the key to restoring our global balance. It nourishes our inherent interconnection that in turn influences our every decision. When our thoughts and feelings are centered and healthy, we take healthy actions, which create a healthy world. We must quell the high carbon footprint of our agitated minds and restless spirits in order to survive. And that begins within each one of us, in this very moment. We cannot focus on external change in the world and ignore the necessary internal transformation that makes it possible.

Through the spring and summer, we have been looking at how to support a peaceful mind through emotional presence. On this foundation, let’s take a look at what it means to cultivate a peaceful spirit.

The power of going inward to lay the foundation of external transformation is something very close to my heart right now as I have been in the music studio completing the six albums for GEM: Global Education for MAPS. One of the songs I’ve been working on is called “Go Supernova” which clearly embodies that message. Astrophysicists know any star that bursts into light through the universe must first go inward. So I have been very much thinking about the internal process that supports our luminous worldly expansion.

In order to explore what a peaceful spirit means, perhaps we should begin with the question, what is spirit? The word spirit comes from the Latin word spiritus, which means both spirit and breath. Life and spirituality are inextricably interwoven. Spirit is that part of us which is interconnected with all that is. It is the luminous fabric of life, the energy that radiates around us and touches all we may encounter.

Having a peaceful spirit means being in harmony with this fabric, aware that we are part of it. As such, our spirit is peaceful and healthy when it is in balance with Nature. This means that we understand our interconnection and our inherent value as integral aspects of all that is. It also means we are ready to serve, because to do so is to serve our own self. A peaceful spirit means to be present in the world and to humbly care for it.

Over the coming weeks, we will look at important elements to a healthy spirit, such as self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem, love, forgiveness, patience and compassion. When we honour these, we not only connect with our true potential, we also transform how we relate to the world around us. It is then that we embody the very change that the world so desperately needs and that Nature is urgently summoning.

I recognize that there is a lot we could feel down about these days. I firmly believe that we must, for the sake of our very survival and that of all life on Earth, stay buoyant, open and courageous. Nature itself is asking this of us – to go within and change – even to the point that we have all had to shut down and seclude through this pandemic. It was no accident, but the effect of our actions for years. We must not take it as something against us, but as an opportunity for growth. What we did before in exploiting Nature, and hence ourselves, was not working. If we emit any carbon and have any agitation in our minds, we are part of the problem, and therefore are part of the solution. Let us continue to evolve together for the sake of our own happiness and of that of the world.

In preparation for this beautiful transformation, open to this new avenue of investigation by asking yourself the following questions with as much honesty and care as you can:

– In which way can I cultivate a more peaceful spirit?
– Am I willing to do that? How come?
– How would my life change if I did?
– How would my environment change?
– What would remain if I did not?

From my heart to yours,

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