Your Power to Choose the Light

BY Parvati

As soft snow falls outside my window, festive lighting dresses a greater number of homes, buildings and evergreens around the world. The seasonal decorations bring colour and cheer to the darker days. With the sun further from the Earth and the days now short, December is traditionally a time where we focus on light. Inspired by this luminous theme, we at have launched our #unitebylight campaign.
Thank you to all those who have created wonderful videos for the cause! You have boosted the message of light and peace across the world! Here are some of the videos we have received so far.
You can create a video of your own and shine light into the world, right now, for the #unitebylight campaign. There is no need to wait to be nominated. It is easy! Here is how:

  • Sign the petition and optionally make a donation
  • Create a short video of yourself lighting a peace candle, while nominating at least three friends who will do the same and spread the word
  • Share your video on social media with the hashtags #unitebylight and #signMAPS – making sure you choose the “public” setting, so it can be seen by all

“My name is [name] from [country]. I’ve signed the MAPS petition and made a donation to I’m lighting a candle of peace for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. I nominate [name, name and name] to do the same. Let’s send the message of light and peace to the world.”
Lighting a candle is a simple and beautiful gesture that speaks to the power we each have to make a choice. Yes, in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are darker now, but we can light a candle and bring light into our homes and hearts and into those of others.
We may convince ourselves that we don’t have a choice in a given situation. We may feel, for example, that we need to stay in a job or a relationship that feels empty and unfulfilling, because we feel we have no other options. But not doing anything about feeling unhappy is a choice in itself.
No matter where we are, or what we are doing, we do have the choice in how we react to what life brings. The idea of having choice can feel uncomfortable if we are attached to feeling like a victim. But life is never happening to us. Everything life brings our way is the result of choices we have made in the past, our previous karmic tendencies. What we think and believe affects how we perceive them, which determines how we act in response, which in turn creates the trajectory of our lives.
Our state of awareness is in constant co-creation with the moment, which manifests our experience of being alive. When we perceive that life is happening to us, we limit our field of awareness. When we believe that our source of power is outside of us, we give away our ability to make choices.
But when we understand that we are in constant co-creation with life, that whatever life brings is grace, even if we find it uncomfortable, we become receptive to this moment as it is. We awaken to greater possibilities. We move beyond limiting beliefs and habits, and begin to make choices that support the light of our nature.
When we first wish to make healthy decisions, most of us are motivated by our own personal desire for happiness. But as we evolve spiritually, we begin to see that there is no such thing as a singular decision. Not only does everything we choose affect all moving parts in our own lives, but it affects everything within which we are a part: this living universe!
We make millions of choices every day. Some are far more conscious than others. This week, take a moment before you make a particularly important decision and see if you can feel yourself to be part of a much greater whole. Every choice you make must feel rooted, vital and expansive in order for it to be in harmony with nature, to serve your highest good, and the greater good of all.
If you feel so moved, please join us in sending the message of peace and light to the world by choosing to participate in the #unitebylight campaign. Let your light shine!
Until next week,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family