You're The First To Know: YEM CD and DVD

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
I am excited to let you know that I am officially launching my YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine CD and DVD this week! Though they have been unofficially available for a while, I never actually launched them, sent out a press release, or got them into stores. That is changing now, and as a loyal reader of this blog you are the first to know.
Yoga has been a love affair for me since I took my first class at sixteen. I have studied yoga through the Sivananda, Iyengar, Scaravelli and Ashtanga schools, and studied Ayurveda and Chi Kung.
While I was learning and practicing yoga in India, I had a near death experience that changed my life forever. It amplified the intuitive skills I have had since I was a child and confirmed that we are so much more than physical beings. YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine came to me effortlessly as I honoured a natural arising of energy through my body that was showing me that what I am is far beyond my limited ego or will. I was one with this life force energy.
I brought these insights to serve students in the yoga classes that I taught, and clients in the intuitive healing sessions I facilitated. I was overjoyed with the way this work touched people and provided lasting benefit as they were able to enjoy life more fully.
The practice of yoga is thousands of years old, and until recently its focus was not on the external appearance of asanas. YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine belongs to the timeless roots of yoga as a vehicle for union with the Divine.
YEM is a unique blend of chi-energy work and yoga poses. It helps you cultivate a relationship with the vital life force that moves through and sustains your body/being. YEM differs from other current yoga styles in that your primary focus is on how life-force energy moves through your body/being as you practice. Alignment and posture, while essential components, are important in service to the primary focus, but are not an end in themselves. In other words, YEM is not about how far you may be able to physically stretch or bend, but about the deep and subtle awareness you develop in every position, about how you are vastly interconnected within a loving whole, a force that is expressed through you in every moment.
As you explore the relationship between subtle energy and yoga poses, you move away from the ego-driven notion that you are the primary force in your life, or the doer, into a deep understanding of how vital energy is in constant motion throughout your body-being supplying the life force that makes possible all that you do, and all that you are. By contacting this life force, you can cultivate a conscious relationship with it so that your yoga pose – and ultimately your life – flower from within and become powerfully effortless. In this process there is a purification of the subtle channels of energy that exist through your body-being that determine disease or health, in mind, body and spirit.
Though YEM is a complete practice on its own, it is also a natural complement to any form of yoga practice you may already be doing. It is accessible and suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.
If you have never done yoga before, YEM is a perfect place to begin. It is both gentle and powerful, and provides an accessible and wise grounding in yoga as the timeless vehicle that it is.
For advanced practitioners, YEM offers you profound, even revolutionary insights into the essence of yoga, to bring you into a completely new understanding of your practice.
My YEM audio CD is a 72 minute practice that begins with a juicy eight-minute guided relaxation. It includes a beautiful full colour poster of the yoga poses so you can easily follow along. The four hour YEM DVD contains several 30-45 minute sequences designed for your busy life.
You can get your very own copy of the YEM CD or DVD at the store here.
For a taste of YEM now, I am providing a series of guided practices each month under the yoga section in Parvati Magazine, beginning at Savasana and continuing here:

I will also soon be launching a TV channel on YouTube and my website, with weekly free YEM practices for you to enjoy. So stay tuned for lots more goodies!
I would love to hear about your experience with YEM. Make sure you connect with me here.
Wishing you a rich and meaningful yogic journey. I am with you every step of the way, cheering you on.
Until next time,
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
We are one Earth family.