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What does Peace Mean?

Peace is as vast as the universe, as broad as the sky, as exquisite as the most precious flower and as deep as the roaring oceans. In this way, how can we really define it? When I was a child, I heard that having a spiritually connected life meant finding the “peace that passes understanding.” That phrase has always stayed with me. How could we ever understand peace with our limited mind or through the lens of our ego or finite will, when it rests in, and is a gift from, the infinite?   Yet just as the light of the sun will reflect in every pool of water and show itself to us, we will see evidence of those whose hearts, minds and souls are ignited by peace. Moments of peace may make themselves known to us through the sparkle in a child’s eye, the knowing smile of a silver-haired senior, the joy of a frolicking puppy, or the activist who sits quietly yet resolutely in an endangered tree. As we continue to move through our “Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary” workshop, I’d like you to consider what peace means to you. What is your definition of peace? I would love to hear your thoughts.   What World Peace Means and Why Inner Peace is Essential   It…

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Inspiring Quotes on Peace

Hello! Welcome back to my new workshop on Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary. I have just had the privilege of a grace-filled retreat with a realized master, one of the great beings on the planet today. Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately known as Amma (Mother) and the “Hugging Saint”, came from humble beginnings in a south Indian fishing village. Though she only has a fourth-grade formal education, she has become the inspiring leader of a vast network of global charities, providing food, shelter, education and medical care to countless people around the world. She tours North America every year, sharing insights on a life of compassion and selfless service, and embracing everyone who comes her way with indescribable unconditional love. She is able to do all this because she lives in a state of unshakable inner peace. Under Amma’s guidance, I have the opportunity to deepen my meditation and practice selfless service, which are the foundation of my life, every day. I cultivate peace of mind and peaceful living by learning from spiritual leaders who set beautiful examples of compassion to inspire global change, through internal awareness and personal responsibility. We are moving through a challenging time in the world today. The need for peace has never been so apparent. At the same time, we are blessed…

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Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

How do we find peace in today’s world? As I continue to complete the content of Global Education for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, it has been clear that realizing and sustaining an external peace sanctuary goes hand in hand with each of us finding our peace sanctuary within. So in support of MAPS and the greater good of all, I have developed a workshop for this blog space. It is a chance for us all to explore together the meaning of peace and how we can experience it practically, on a day to day basis in our lives. Beginning today, I’ll be posting short excerpts here every week. I have been developing material with the intention to share it over several months, because I want to provide soul food in bite size pieces—peace pieces! If you are just coming to my blog for the first time, welcome! Thank you for being here to be a part of this. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments. My commitment to peace In my life, I have had the privilege of being exposed to multiple spiritual traditions and peace practices. Whether working as a CEO, musician, author, counsellor, lay-assistant minister, yoga teacher or workshop facilitator over the years, it’s been a lifelong passion of mine…

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The Gift of Declaring Peace With the Moment

As I have been working daily for the past four and a half years on MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), I have been thinking a lot about peace and peaceful living. My personal commitment to inner peace has been the foundation from which the vision for MAPS was born. It has also been the core of my choices as CEO, as I lead our all-volunteer team at to realize MAPS now for the good of all. I encourage everyone on the MAPS team to approach tasks from a place of peaceful presence. When we do so, work is not only more enjoyable, but more efficient, effective and effervescent. We are more able to see opportunities, welcome possibilities and make clear decisions. Seeing the undeniable results of a peaceful, heart-centred approach, I have been crafting an online workshop for this blog space to support you finding your inner peace sanctuary. The unrest we see in our world is not random, but a reflection of the agitation each one of us carries within. In order to create an external peace sanctuary that lasts, we need to also develop our inner peace sanctuary to sustain it. MAPS is not just a physical boundary around the Arctic Ocean. It is an invitation to change the way we think…

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How to Be Peace in a Hurting World

Peace is a gift we can give ourselves and the world. This is why I am deeply involved in creating the world’s largest peace park ever. As we create the physical boundary of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, we support it coming into being and staying in place by cultivating our inner peace sanctuary. I am dedicating all my music, yoga and words in support of this. This creative content is part of the Global Education Strategy for MAPS. Last week, I mentioned that this blog will be changing direction to support your inner peace sanctuary. While I complete the new work, here is a sneak preview. I recently asked my 78-year-old mother whether she felt that the world was crazier now than when she was young. Or was the underbelly of the human psyche simply more visible today due to the power of our media? She immediately responded that she felt people were much more on edge and violent today. Her response echoed what a 92-year-old World War 2 Royal Marines vet recently told me when I asked him the same question. He too felt that the world is more intense now, even more so than when he went through the devastating war. There is no doubt that our world is hurting. We see…

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Peace in the World Starts With Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

Peace in the world begins within. At, we understand that the realization of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, happens as we each cultivate our own inner peace sanctuary, that is, our conscious choice to express peace, compassion, and interconnection in all we do. In support of your inner peace sanctuary, I am working on some new content to inspire you in finding greater peace and happiness. In the meantime, check out the “Breath” issue of Parvati Magazine to breathe new life into your world. It has lots of juicy articles to help you feel fabulous and connected! I look forward to sharing more very soon. From my heart to yours, Parvati

Embrace This Gift and Discover a World of Possibilities

The opportunity for co-creation is a magnificent gift. My blog series on co-creation paused for a month while all of us at faced the loss of our dear friend and colleague Darcy in the Ethiopian Airlines crash. Yet co-creation has been present all along. I have chosen to allow a co-creative spirit to inform my choices as a CEO to lead our team through the storm. Awareness of a positive possibilities, co-creative universe has helped me as a spiritual aspirant to come to terms with Darcy’s tragic passing. Darcy studied the many ways we can co-create and consciously chose to co-create in the positive possibilities. Respectful, win-win co-creation is what I sought in every media interview and talk I gave about him and his extraordinarily courageous work for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Our collective efforts at to honor Darcy’s legacy were also a co-creation rooted in gratitude and willingness to serve. I think of the beautiful Parvati Magazine cover designed by my friend and artistic collaborator Adam Nathan of Jellyfunk, surrounding Darcy in flowers—especially roses. He created the design over a few hours after hearing the devastating news. While working, he did not know that Darcy’s favorite flower was roses, or that since Darcy’s passing, his wife Amie sensed his presence and…

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The Gift of Co-Creation and Why it Matters

A month ago, before the devastating news of Darcy’s death, I was sharing a four-part blog series about co-creation. This subject is more important than ever as we confront the ways our collective navigation system is faulty. I recap parts 1-3 here today. PART 1: The Gift of Co-Creation There is a famous and often-repeated quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” These words, sometimes mistakenly attributed to Nelson Mandela, are in fact those of Marianne Williamson, in her book A Return to Love. She touches on an important truth of our human existence: we are far more capable than we realize. PART 2: What You See Is What You Get. What Are You Choosing to See? Last week, we were looking at the amazing gift of co-creation. I recently had an experience that reminded me how essential it is that we understand this innate human power—as well as how our perceptions affect it. I was conversing with a group of friends who are all committed to personal and spiritual growth and the protection of Nature. Yet, the discussion became tense around the topic of co-creation, particularly when someone brought up working with a realized master. PART 3: How to Let the Power…

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How to Be All In for a Richly Meaningful Life

Yesterday, I spoke on behalf of everyone at at our friend and colleague Darcy Belanger’s Celebration of Life in Sherwood Park, his hometown just outside of Edmonton, Canada. I felt people needed to know about his amazing commitment to being “all in”. Here is the eulogy in full. May it inspire you. Good morning to everyone here, and to all those online. I am grateful to be among you, in this beautiful church that celebrates the gift of eternal light and our opportunity to embrace it. My name is Parvati. I’m a musician, former lay assistant minister, and the founder and CEO of the all-volunteer international nonprofit I’m here today on behalf of our organization, from Canada to Kenya, in love and appreciation for Darcy. As our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Darcy did so much more than we could ever fit into this brief time, which is why we dedicated a fifty-page magazine to him which is available here today, outside the reception area. He was the quarterback for our immediate mission to realize MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, which transforms the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle into the largest ocean preserve the world has ever seen. He joined this mission because he understood that the Arctic sea ice is…

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How to Feel Connected, Joyful and at Ease, by Darcy Belanger

Dear friends, This month’s Parvati Magazine, going live later today, is a special commemorative edition dedicated to my dear friend and colleague Darcy Belanger and all he gave to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Tragically, Darcy recently lost his life on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. He was on his way to the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi, Kenya to represent MAPS. Here are his insightful and inspiring words about MAPS and the ease and flow it has brought to his life. He wrote this article a month before he left for UNEA. May his legacy of courage and confidence inspire you this week. May we all live with awareness of our inherent interconnection that gives rise to compassionate action for the greater good. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) has taken me on a journey. As part of my responsibilities to secure signatures from world leaders on the MAPS Treaty, I have traveled to United Nations conferences in Europe and Africa, presented MAPS at Earth Day in Texas, went to Fiji to speak with heads of governments, and have met with everyone from students to CEOs. I have created friendships and memories along the way that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Working on MAPS has exposed me to…

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