Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary: Transform your world, from the inside out.

A peaceful, healthy world begins with each one of us finding our own inner peace sanctuary.  This free weekly workshop is here to help you do just that. Please join us as we explore the meaning of peace and how to experience it practically, on a day to day basis, in our lives.

If you are just coming to my blog for the first time, welcome! Thank you for being here. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments.

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Why Opening to the Gift of Patience Has the Power to Light Up Our Holiday

I have been thinking a lot about patience this year. Perhaps you have too, as we have had to adjust to life in repeated lockdowns and ongoing social distancing. Patience may feel like a skill we are challenged to develop,…

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How to Find Light in a Dark Time When You Feel Thwarted

Out of work, away from family and friends, and off our usual routines: this is not where most of us were expecting to be in December 2020. A year ago, no one knew that we were on the verge of…

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How Forgiveness is an Anti-Virus to Heal Our Hearts

What role does forgiveness play in your life? Do you quickly and naturally return to peace after a painful incident? Do you try to act forgiving, when all the while you feel knotted up inside? Or do you act out…

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Three Practices You Can Do Right Now to Feel Connection, Healing and Forgiveness When You’ve Been Hurt

As several parts of the world are back in lockdown with another wave of COVID-19, in the northern hemisphere the days are increasingly short and dark. Even while Nature is introverted, the skies are dim and we are in isolation,…

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To Forgive, Begin with These Three Steps to See the Situation in a New Light

How do you forgive when you feel hurt? Last week, I shared some of what I have learned about the process of forgiveness. This week, I would like to begin to share some practical steps you can take to find…

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How Forgiveness Heals Your Old Feelings of “Not Enough”

While individually and collectively we have faced many challenges in 2020, I take comfort in knowing that interest in forgiveness has increased this year. For example, the Global Forgiveness Initiative reports that their website has had more visitors than ever.…

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After the Polls Close, Reclaim Your Power to Vote for Love in Every Moment

Now that one of the most bitter elections in American history, watched by the whole world, draws to a close, where do we go from here? Even as many are celebrating now with joy and relief, others are disappointed and…

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How Love Transforms Ourselves and Our World When We Understand What It Really Is

What is love? Is it the butterflies in our stomach we may get when thinking about someone? Is it a sentimental feeling about an adorable child? Or is it something beyond these? What can love do that our regular will…

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Heal Hearts, Cool Minds, and Clarify Your Vision by Seeing Your Own Goodness

“When we see others as the enemy, we risk becoming what we hate. When we oppress others, we end up oppressing ourselves. All of our humanity is dependent upon recognizing the humanity in others.” - Archbishop Desmond Tutu How can…

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Recharge Your Self-Confidence by Saying Yes to the Light of Your Soul

This week, I would like to share a guided visualization you can do any time. It cultivates courage and confidence. It strengthens your emotional resourcefulness as you face doing something new. It helps you take stock of where you are stuck. And it offers you support to step past your comfort zone while building your self-trust.

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