Keep Cool.
It means the world.

Today, both people and Nature are in an agitated state. As we work to solve our environmental and humanitarian crises, we need to ensure that we are healthy.

Our inner and outer worlds are intrinsically interconnected. Dedicated to the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), these free resources, updated regularly, support your happiness, inner peace, and effectiveness.

Let us melt the ice in our hearts, so that the ice on the planet may remain. Do it for yourself. Do it for our world. We are one Earth family.  
From my heart to yours, 

What do you need in this moment?


Face stress with calm and creativity to experience greater clarity, joy, and peace of mind.

YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine

Feel increased vitality as you connect with life-force energy in guided practices for all.

New Thoughts

Enjoy greater confidence as you reconnect with your natural self, beyond stress, doubt, and anxiety.

Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary


Discover your inner peace sanctuary and bring peace to the world.

Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary


Experience greater peace, ease, and happiness through contemplations, journaling, and mindfulness exercises.