Cashbox Canada: The Power of Music with Parvati

BY Parvati

September 2011
Story: Bill Delingat
Song soothes sorrow and we all know that well.
When a child cries the mother is often brought to rocking and singing a song to soothe the tearful eyes of the vulnerable child that slowly relaxes into a deep comforting sleep. Babes in arms.
With the tragic events of 9/11 being ten years past, the writer looked at the various ways people expressed their sorrows looking for closure and truth after all these years.
One performer stuck out with her new phase on her journey through life and there we found a song. “You Gotta Believe” Parvati is a unique performer, bringing her messages to the public through her songs and unique performances; she has been the first at making her visions and dreams a reality to share with the children of “Mother Earth”. Cashbox has not only watched her shows but also her adventures, documenting her trip to the North Pole and the first concert performed on the barren but beautiful wasteland.
Parvati performs a song she wrote for 9/11. 10 years ago. Parvati was at the piano, she was called by her father to see the twin towers fall live. Filled with emotion she went back to the piano and this song “You Gotta Believe” was born. She sang this song at Madison Square Garden and is currently working on a studio release.
Parvati explains, “The song that was born for me the day the twin towers fell and was a reflection of my soul experience of the tragedy. Consciously, I would not have said the words found in my lyrics (below). At the time, if I was asked how I felt, all I would have been able to share was shock, anger and fear. But behind those reactive thoughts, my inner knowing had a different message. My rooted focus deep down in the midst of horror was on the goodness of life. My soul was anchored in the notion that we must believe, despite the presence of revenge, hate and evil, in human potentiality and our capacity to love.”
The song is from the heart and many such songs have and will be written. 
”You Gotta Believe” starts off with the question:

If this moment were your very last, how would you want it to be? 
What do you need to do to be at peace? 
Do you need to make that apology? 
There’s no better time than this moment we now have 
To live the way that you want to be 
What will be in your heart when you leave? 
You gotta believe in the good of life and what you feel! 
You gotta believe in the power of love and what is real! 
You gotta believe! You gotta believe!
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