BY Parvati

Canadian musician, yogini, activist and author Parvati announces the beginnings of a new creative venture.
Aonani of Avalon is a nine-part young adult fiction series in development now, with plans to spin off into anime, apps and other immersive expressions. The series tells the story about a gifted young girl from the luminous natural realm of Avalon. Before the alien Xennot race arrived, Avalon’s light was part of Earth. Guided by Natamba of the Golden Star, a being from the Novam Light Body that protects the universe, Aonani discovers that she is a bridgewalker destined to find the truth that can reunite Avalon with planet Earth.
“Telling Aonani’s story was an immersive experience that totally overtook my life for two weeks this summer,” says Parvati. “I feel her so close and can’t wait to share her experience of Avalon with the world.”