Feel Alive and Inspired with YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine

BY Parvati

Feel Alive and Inspired with YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine

Canadian yogini, musician, activist and author Parvati invites you to look at yoga in a whole new way with guided practices that combine yoga with chi-energy work.

A wise, compassionate and adept teacher, Parvati is the founder of YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine. Her workshops have toured North America and the UK to rave reviews. Parvati is now launching a YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine guided audio CD and DVD to help everyone enjoy the benefits of YEM.

Beyond a simple hybrid of yoga and chi-energy work, YEM is a revolutionary practice for cultivating a life rooted in ease, joy and abundance. It surpasses the boundaries of today’s yoga market to reach a broader audience that includes healing arts, personal growth, global awareness and meditation.

Parvati says, “YEM differs from other current yoga styles in that it is not about how far you may be able to physically stretch or bend, but about the deep and subtle awareness you develop in every position, about how you are vastly interconnected within a loving whole, a force that is expressed through you in every moment. By contacting this life force, you can cultivate a conscious relationship with it so that your yoga pose – and ultimately your life – flower from within and become powerfully effortless. In this process there is a purification of the subtle channels of energy that exist through your body-being that determine disease or health, in mind, body and spirit.”

Gentle yet powerful, Parvati’s clear guidance on the CD and DVD create a supportive environment for rejuvenation and transformation.

The YEM CD includes:

  • A stand-alone relaxation practice
  • A guided 72 minute asana sequence for all levels
  • A full colour pull-out poster with pictures of the individual poses to further assist you through the practice

The YEM DVD set includes:

  • Almost 4 hours of practice material
  • Unique teachings on subtle chi-energy work, applicable to any style of yoga
  • Four short 30-45 minute practices for all levels designed for various times of the day, geared to a busy life
  • Practical diagrams to describe optimal energy flow in each yoga pose
  • Deep relaxation, chi-energy work and meditation practices

Both products are available for purchase at, where Parvati will also soon be launching a series of free short weekly yoga videos.


“Between Parvati’s music and teachings, I am so impressed with her and I don’t impress easily.”

  • News Radio (USA)

“Parvati is a unique and gifted yoga instructor with a rare ability to see and clear energy blocks.”

  • Yoga Magazine (UK)

Parvati is the co-founder of the University of Toronto’s Active Integration and Holistic Education Program and founder of “YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine”, a gentle yet deeply powerful form of yoga that blends chi-energy work with yoga poses.

Parvati has been featured on radio and television talk shows, news and health and wellness magazines across North America, Europe and Australia, including CBC Radio, Canadian Musician, Yoga Magazine UK, Paradigm Shift, Yoga and Health, CTS Always Good News, Transformation Magazine, Yogi Times, Holistic Therapist Magazine, Mind Body Spirit and Yoga Magazine.

Since her first yoga teacher designation in India in 1993, Parvati has completed training programs in Hatha Yoga (Sivananda Yoga, India) and Scaravelli Yoga (Esther Myers, Canada). A perennial student who is aware of the depths and breadth of yogic science and healing arts, she has also carried out studies in a variety of fields, such as advanced Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, energy medicine and Chi Kung.

Gifted since she was a child with an innate ability to see the non-physical, Parvati’s skill in the subtle realms offers her clients profound and unique support along their yogic and healing journeys. Thanks to this ability, amplified after a life-changing near death experience in India where she lived and studied for a year, Parvati is able to see where people’s energy is stuck and provide precise insights into how they may gain greater ease, freedom and joy.

In the late 1990’s, Parvati created and opened “Equilibrium” yoga studios in Montreal and Toronto. As her music career takes her on tour, Parvati now shares her talents internationally at yoga studios, events, and festivals.

Affectionately known as the “Positive Possibilities Lady”, Parvati encourages everyone to align with the reality that the universe supports their joy.

Above all, she feels that her extensive daily meditation practice provides her with incomparable riches. It is her primary source of inspiration, and the foundation of all her creative and healing works. Her deep joy is to support all beings in realizing their true magnificence.