“I Am Light”: Award-Winning Canadian Musician Parvati Releases Light In A Dark Time

BY Parvati

Award-winning, chart-topping Canadian musician Parvati releases her new celestial pop music video “I Am Light”, having already secured a video premiere to over five million viewers on Vietnam’s YAN TV and radio play to millions of listeners on 26 FM radio stations across Asia and Australia. Radio music programmers across Asia are adding “I Am Light” to rotation regularly.
“I Am Light” sparkles with the timeless purity of a flawless diamond. It is effervescent, playful and resonant with the frequency of joy, providing refreshing soft beauty amidst the cacophony of our current era. Parvati extends a heart-felt invitation through “I Am Light” into a world of positive possibilities, where we remember the light of our own true nature.
The “I Am Light” music video marks the arrival of Natamba, a beautiful intergalactic being of liquid gold who brings light to Earth. She arrives on Earth and places the light in a forest tree. As Natamba transforms the dark forest into a world of multicoloured light, intrigued mystical forest fairies emerge from hiding to dance in delight. Simultaneously, the toy tree in a child’s room spontaneously illuminates. With an open heart, this child passes on the light to a stranger who shares it in turn. The light spreads from one person to the next through the city to eventually light up the world.
As a singer, songwriter, producer and performer, Parvati’s profoundly feminine artistic voice evokes both the dynamic rhythm and eternal beauty of nature and the unfolding cosmos. The self-produced sonic sunshine of “I Am Light” combines her signature toe-tapping beats and lush electronic sounds with her angelic vocals.
Parvati has performed in stadiums, festivals and clubs throughout North America and Europe and is the first performer to ever sing at the North Pole, where she travelled in compassionate concern for the melting polar ice. Parvati is also the founder of, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to realizing MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.
Produced with a low ecological footprint through LED lighting, local sets and reclaimed materials, the video includes a message from Parvati about the need to keep our footprint light on the planet, because we are all light. She asks for support of the realization of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary and stamps it with her quintessential request to “Love yourself. Love others. Love our world. We are one Earth family”.
Her “I Am Light” EP, expanding on the theme of light and including guided meditations, is anticipated in spring 2016.
“Parvati’s song ‘I Am Light’ is a beautiful pop song with a positive message as well as excellent production quality. EON and Asia Pop 40 are proud to bring forward this hit in the making.”
– Dom Lau, Asia Pop 40 Host
“Parvati is a unique phenomenon in the music industry. She is someone who brings together music, spirituality, physical and mental health and a social conscience! Her commitment is total and she deserves to be a huge success.”
– Chris Porter, music producer to Sir Elton John, George Michael, Wham, Pet Shop Boys
“Parvati brings much needed consciousness to the dance floor and she does it on multiple levels.”
– Tom Silverman, pioneer of Hip Hop, Tommy Boy Records and National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Heroes Award Recipient.
“The song came through me like a child that needed to be born, with a mission for the world. I am aware of the heavy demand that greed places on our finite natural resources. For me, music is a way to bring light and help us transform our perspective from self-oriented wanting to globally-oriented service.”
– Parvati