New Look for Parvati.TV

BY Parvati

Hello friends,
A very quick post before I clear my desk of some design work and lock myself away in my creative cave for two weeks to complete the “I Am Light” EP. I am so excited about the new sounds that are taking shape for this album! It will even include a delicious guided meditation to make your chakras sing with light.
To celebrate this new chapter, my website is getting an update. We are creating a light and effervescent new look that brings you all the content you enjoy, and new materials as well.
One new item is daily YEM inspiration messages. These words are intended to spark your insights about your yoga practice, on and off the mat. Here is an example.
Parvati YEM Centered calm and connected
Watch for these messages on here, and on my social media.
I would love to hear how your winter is going. Are you feeling rooted, vital expansiveness? Do you feel stressed or stretched? I look forward to hearing how you are doing so that we may together build a positive possibilities community.
Until next time, remember, love yourself, love others, love our world. We are one Earth family.
Sending you love.