BY Parvati

Canadian musician, yogini, author, public speaker and audiophile Parvati has launched a new and comprehensive website at
While previous sites focused mainly on Parvati’s music, or separated out her yoga, writing or activism, the new website brings together the breadth of Parvati’s creative offerings as the Positive Possibilities Lady.
Parvati says, “I have often been dubbed the Positive Possibilities Lady for my frequent encouragement to people to live in positive possibilities. A person who is fully resonant in positive possibilities knows within each cell that he or she is wisely interconnected to all things in a way that the limited mind, or ego, cannot grasp or comprehend. He or she understands that to love oneself unconditionally is to love all things equally. It is in service to this understanding that all my creative efforts take place – music, yoga, words.”
Parvati is currently booking musical, teaching and speaking engagements for 2015. For more information, please visit the Bookings page.