The Light Expands: Parvati to Launch Full Length "I Am Light" Concept Album

BY Parvati

Following the commercial success of her track “I Am Light” this spring and summer, Canadian musician Parvati has returned to her studio to create even more lush, masterfully produced variations on the theme of light, expanding her planned “I Am Light” EP to a full-length concept album.
“I find it so inspiring to think of the moment of enlightenment as the realization of everything as one,” says Parvati. “The moment you realize everything is light. Light is what we we really are. It is our true nature.”
“I Am Light” was originally born as a 9-minute walk through a magical sonic forest glowing with fireflies. Based on the enthusiastic response from fans, Parvati developed “I Am Light” into a rapturous pop radio version that incorporates the mantra from the Heart Sutra, “Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi swaha”. This version debuted on top 40 radio and TV across Asia in spring 2016. For her Western audience, Parvati has created an English-language track that revels in a tender and glorious love affair with the light. Watch for its release soon.
“Some may think that if we become enlightened, we will no longer have a reason to get up in the morning and do our work,” says Parvati. “When we contemplate the ways in which we are attached to doing in order to feel a sense of purpose, we quickly see that we are habituated into thinking that we are the very force that gives us life. We may have lost sight of the life force that flows through us to sustain us in each moment. We have forgotten that we are in essence that very flow. The ego may try to tell us that if we let it go and rest in the awareness that we are light, we will end up bored. Yet, the reality is that when we are fully present with the light of what is, without story, every single moment can fill us with wonder. My near-death experience several years ago left me with the clear understanding of our luminous interconnection. We could all spend years writing symphonies to the light that is our true nature, without exhausting its ever-fresh beauty and creative potential.”
Rounding out Parvati’s “I Am Light” concept album will be a heartrendingly gorgeous chill out track, contemplative acoustic version, and special 27-minute guided chakra meditation. “I Am Light” is an infusion of elation and wonder on every listen. Its release date will be announced here in the coming weeks.
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