BY Parvati

As part of raising awareness about the need to protect the Arctic Ocean, and building momentum towards MAPS (Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), is launching two music videos with ecological themes. They are made from field footage from the northernmost musical performance ever, by Parvati at the magnetic North Pole in 2010.
“911-1-LOVE” underscores the consequence of human greed, as we face our planet’s ice caps melting away. Not everyone is aware that this is an emergency, yet if it continues unchecked, a day may come when we pick up the phone to call for help, and the only help remaining is the reality of One Love.
“You Gotta Believe” was written on the day the twin towers fell in 2001, was performed by Parvati at Madison Square Gardens, and is an expression of Parvati’s heartfelt belief in the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
Parvati is a character artist who expresses various aspects of nature through costume, lights and sound. In these songs, she is Natamba, a being of golden light that brings a message of love and interconnection to our planet.