Ocean Anthem

The upcoming song and music video by Parvati awakening a global movement

Ocean Anthem is a love song born of the waters of compassion, the magnificence of Nature, and the light of the angels. 

The Song

Written, orchestrated, and produced by Parvati with a heart immersed in the depths of the ocean, illuminated by an angel’s crystalline tears of mercy, carried in the vast compassion of the blue whale, Ocean Anthem cradles you in love and sings the song of your soul from the very centre of the universe.

The Video

The Ocean Anthem music video is the true story of a hero’s journey, called by the angel and the whale, to remind you that we are all interconnected. 

The Angel Illuminelle

As the effulgent light of unconditional love in Parvati’s Ocean Anthem music video, the angel Illuminelle watches over from the celestial realm and summons her to dive into the oceans of life. Designed and created by Parvati, Illuminelle’s costume is made from repurposed, non-whitened silk, with upcycled and found objects, for an angel’s light footprint.     

Ocean Anthem Inspires Artists 

From fashion designers to sculptors, artists everywhere are answering the call of the whale and Parvati’s angel Illuminelle for a healthy world.