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  1. Parvati Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary A Peaceful Mind Is A Choice

    The Power to Choose a Peaceful Mind is In Your Hands

    When I began this workshop in the summer of 2019, the virus responsible for COVID-19 did not yet have a name and no one knew what would happen when it jumped into human lungs. Today, our world looks very different. The way we live, work, shop, and stay healthy has changed. Even if we and those we love are not directly affected by the coronavirus, we may never experience life quite as we used to. The question is, will we give up and become cynical, despaired and discouraged, or will we be inspired to commit more deeply than ever to health at all levels, including inner peace—for our own sake and for the good of all? Both options are available to each one of us. The power is in our hands. This spring, around the same time as the lockdowns first took effect all over the world, we started a new chapter in this workshop, looking at what it means to have a peaceful mind. We each have the potential for the radiant steadiness of a calm, clear inner lake. Yet somehow, especially in times of difficulty, our minds feel more like a turbulent sea. This is because of the sorry stories that disrupt our clarity, such as the following: • “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”: To perceive…

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  2. Parvati Foundation, MAPS, Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, Milne ice shelf, Storm Isaias

    If We Run Out of Names for Storms, It’s Because We’re Running Out of Ice.

    The collapse of Canada’s largest ice sheet, the 4,000 year old Milne ice shelf, should be setting off alarm bells everywhere. Our world is fast losing the air conditioner that stabilizes the whole global climate system: Arctic ice. As 43% of the ice sheet broke into pieces at the end of July, Tropical Storm Isaias became the earliest ninth named storm on record. Isaias proceeded to hammer the Caribbean, U.S. East Coast and Southern Canada with rain and fierce winds, killing eleven and leaving millions without power. Scientists say the Atlantic hurricane season will be more dangerous than ever, with a predicted total of as many as twenty-five hurricanes or tropical storms – meaning more storms than we have names for, something that has not happened since the devastating 2005 hurricane season that brought Katrina and Wilma before ending with Epsilon in the dead of winter. How many more people must lose their livelihoods, homes, and lives to extreme weather before we correct the course we’re on? This summer, temperatures in the Arctic region have been especially hot at 5C above the 30-year average. Both glacial ice and sea ice have been melting at a precipitous pace. According to the National Snow & Ice Data Center, Arctic sea ice is at the lowest level ever recorded…

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  3. How to Be Present for Fear and Live Meaningfully in Our Unpredictable World - Parvati - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How to Be Present for Fear and Live Meaningfully in Our Unpredictable World

    In some ways, COVID-19 has been a great equalizer. It has shown those of us who have known relative safety our whole lives what others in more challenging circumstances have always known: not even our next breath is guaranteed. Death can happen at any time. Of this, we have no control. The question is, knowing this now, how will we choose to live: in openheartedness, or in fear? As we experience the ups and downs of an ongoing pandemic that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands, we are being asked to look at the world with fresh eyes and consider the role fear plays in our inner and outer worlds. As you may know, I made a life-changing journey to the North Pole a few years ago that ultimately inspired the creation of Parvati Foundation and the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS). During the preparations for the trip, I had visions in my morning meditations of danger awaiting us, specifically that our plane could crash. With poor visibility due to increased fog from rising temperatures and melting sea ice, I knew it was a real possibility. Even so, I needed to go. I chose to not let fear interfere with the surrender I felt the trip was asking me to practice and the sincere…

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  4. Step Out of the Shadows of Shame - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary - Parvati

    Step out of the Shadows of Shame and into the Light of Your Nature

    You know the sensation all too well. Someone just pointed something you did that was not in keeping with how you want people to see you. Or perhaps they even called you a name, and you deeply believe it. Both hot and cold at once, a feeling of shame seems to creep into your cells and leaves you heavy and miserable. You wish there were something—anything—you could do to not have to experience this painful emotion. Luckily, there is. Shame is a painful self-perception. It often accompanies a sense of having done something wrong. In his book Healing the Shame That Binds You, the late John Bradshaw pointed out that there are two kinds of shame. Healthy shame helps us feel balanced remorse for actions that do not support our highest good or the good of all. Toxic shame binds us into toxic behaviours and thwarts our brilliance, joy and fulfilment. Here, we will look at toxic shame and how to address it. Shame can be hard to see because it hides in the dark. Yet it is quite common and comes from a feeling of being fundamentally flawed, unlovable or broken. It is a motivator behind co-dependency, addictions and the drive to over- or under-achieve. These compulsions can break down families and friendships, undermine our…

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  5. Let your breath connect you with all of life.

    With every breath you take, you are touching the force of life itself. Your breath ebbs and flows, as do day and night, the sun and the moon, the leaves on the trees, and the waves along the ocean’s body. As you befriend your breath, you learn to feel its rise and fall as an effortless expression not just of your human experience, but as a source of connection to a much greater whole. You are an evolving, organic being perfectly held within it all.

  6. When you know who you really are, you discover you have nothing to prove to anyone. - Parvati, Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary -

    How to Stop Listening to Pride and Start Resting in Your True Worth

    Through this spring and summer, we have been investigating some of the painful emotions that interfere with inner peace. This is important work. It is not always easy to face certain tendencies we have been carrying. But until we do, we miss out on our true capacity to feel peaceful, happy, and connected. Today, I would like to take a look at an emotion we may not necessarily recognize as contributing to our pain: that of pride. We tend to misunderstand what pride really is and how it affects our beings on all levels. Often, we think of it as a healthy sense of accomplishment, such as feeling proud of coming in first place in a race. This is a natural response to praise. The issue with doing so is that if we hinge our sense of self on something external, then when that thing no longer makes us feel good, we are left collapsed and wayward. It is like leaning on a slender willow tree for support. We cannot get lasting strength from it. We may also think of pride as a way to push back against shame we perceive from others. But when we live our life in opposition to something, we are reacting to an energy of oppression and defining ourselves in relation…

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  7. How To Return To Inner Peace When You Feel Judged Or Tempted To Judge - - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How to Return to Inner Peace When You Feel Judged or Tempted to Judge

    Discovering inner peace involves the letting go of our emotional reactivity, so that we can experience an open heart and a clear mind. Being judgmental is one of the ways our mind can react to the moment without presence. It may come in the form of criticizing how someone else is behaving, or what their beliefs may be. But it also shows itself in the way we respond to criticism, or when we become negative and frustrated about the ways we think we are not measuring up to an imagined standard. When a judgmental mind kicks in, we need to reconnect with inner peace so that we can be of maximum benefit to ourselves and to the world. No one likes to feel judged. The idea of being seen as less than the wonderful beings we hope to be can trigger feelings of inadequacy and fear. When we feel judged, our knee-jerk tendency is to judge in return. Yet, this only perpetuates pain. Whether we judge ourselves or others, or we are reacting to someone’s perceived judging of us, we are experiencing the constriction of a mind in judgment. A judgmental mind is like a vice grip. It is closed and holds onto its way of being. Disconnected from the whole, it insists that it knows…

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  8. True transformation arises when you let go…

    Today, tune in to connect with your breath, your body and your spine. Witness whatever may arise, be they emotions, thoughts or physical sensations. Release all tendency to have an agenda of what it “should” look or feel like. Be receptive to what is instead of trying to push or pull at the moment. Open to the present like it is just that – a present. In this allowing, you create space within yourself for tremendous healing and transformation for yourself and the world.⁠

  9. Parvati Foundation, MAPS, Arctic Heat Wave, Verkhoyanks fires

    Don’t Just Watch The Arctic Burn: Declare MAPS Now

    Unprecedented heat continues to sear the Arctic, with temperatures last week hovering around 33.8 degrees Celsius. In June, the region already set an all-time high temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk. This is feverishly hot for a human, but considering Verkhoyansk is home to one of the coldest temperatures ever recorded outside Antarctica, the unprecedented heat is cataclysmic. Unseasonably early fires are also blazing across the region with 7,900 square miles already burnt. Arctic sea ice coverage along Siberia’s coast is at a 41-year low, and the unwavering heat is only hastening its demise. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, must be declared immediately to protect us all from imminent danger. Verkhoyansk—and the entire Arctic region—are supposed to be keeping us cool. Arctic land and sea ice have been playing this role for millions of years, reflecting the sun’s heat back out into space through the summer, then rebuilding through the sunless winter. Humanity has never known life without this protection. Now, that is changing—at a speed of 14,000 tons a second. The loss of protective ice cover means air temperatures are much warmer over land. Hotter air dries out vegetation, turning it into kindling for intense and long-burning fires that are difficult to extinguish. In a vicious feedback…

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  10. Parvati - How to Let Go of the Shadows of Jealousy - Finding Your Inner Peace Sanctuary

    How to Leave the Shadows of Jealousy Behind and Step Forward Into the Light

    The weekend that wraps up today is an exceptional time as the last of a series of eclipses darkens our world. We have the opportunity to leave behind our shadowy tendencies and step forward into greater light and clarity. To support that, let’s take a look at a complex emotion that often lurks in our shadows and eclipses our inner peace: jealousy. I am deeply grateful that here in Canada, as well as in the U.K. where my husband is serving MAPS (the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary), we have been successful at “flattening the curve” of COVID-19 infections and are cautiously beginning to reopen. At the same time, there are no words for the tragedy of thousands of people continuing to die each day, particularly in the United States and Brazil where the curve is anything but flat. After months of restrictions on our movement and interaction, people are frustrated. In some cases, citizens and leaders alike have pressed for restrictions to be lifted against medical advice—or simply flouted them entirely. Why? Could one reason be that we are jealous—whether of the apparent freedom of others, or simply of the lifestyle we once took for granted and no longer feel able to access? Jealousy is a painful emotion. No one likes experiencing it, let alone admitting…

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