February 2015: Compassion (Read the Full Issue)

BY Parvati

Welcome to the February 2015 edition of Parvati Magazine.

Emotions move through our body as a means for us to understand more viscerally our mental reactions to thoughts. When we feel afraid, our heart races. When we feel angry, our temperature rises. We feel in response to our thoughts. Our minds are a collection of expectations and memories. As such, our emotions tend to reflect our past experiences and future hopes.

As we evolve, we learn to move beyond the chatter of emotional reactions and allow the room for compassion to arise. When the mind is clear, wisdom may effortlessly arise. Similarly, when our emotions are quiet, we may experience the well of compassion. Compassion is not an emotion, but a state of being. Unlike emotions, it is eternal. It is vast and unbound, unaffected by the temporal. It is a state that arises through the release of our identification with our emotions. It is an egoless state that we can aspire to embody each moment of this precious life.

May this month’s articles inspire you to gift this world by living with deep compassion.




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Compassion is a precious jewel acquired by the sincere spiritual seeker along the spiritual path. It is born of the humble and receptive heart that rests in the reality of our inherent unity. It is an egoless state, and as such, I quote here a realized master’s description of compassion:

“Compassion does not see the faults of others. It does not see the weaknesses of people. It makes no distinction between good and bad people. Compassion cannot draw a line between two countries, two faiths or two religions. Compassion has no ego; thus there is no fear, lust or passion. Compassion simply forgives and forgets. Compassion is like a passage. Everything passes through it. Nothing can stay there. Compassion is love expressed in all its fullness.” – Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

May compassion spark your inner light so that you shine brightly and serve the world.

Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.



Source: Parvati Magazine