September 2014: Fierceness (Read The Full Issue)

BY Parvati

Welcome to the September 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine.
The word “fierceness” may conjure images of aggression, even violence. But from a spiritual perspective, fierceness can sit alongside us during our meditation practice, as we find fierce, single-pointed focus even when our mind creatively attempts to pull us from this moment. Being fierce along the path means finding profound courage and compassion to overcome habitual patterns and situations that eclipse our true magnificence. Fierceness inspires us to face rather than run from life’s challenges.
Fierceness is not about attacking or closing our hearts to this moment. Rather, it is a luminous sword that is non-attached and vividly discerning. It rises through our spine when we are rooted, vital and expansive and adamantly insisting that our true nature rests exclusively in I AM. Its open-heartedness simultaneously cuts through any trickiness that would move us away from what we know is in our highest good, and the highest good of all.
May this month’s articles inspire you to find fierce presence in your life.

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When we choose fierce commitment to living our true, divine nature, we no longer wish to engage in thoughts and activities that hold us back. Self-sabotage or tired old habits lose their appeal. A life of fierce commitment to awakening may feel daunting, or even impossible at times. There is no race, no pressure and no push for fierceness in our lives. Feeling such would only come from self-judgment stemming from lack of self-love. Fierceness arises naturally as we move along the spiritual path. It may show its face to us many times before it becomes so present that we no longer wish to resist it.
As we live in the open and compassionate nature of true fierceness, surrendering the egoic sense of “me” being in control, we find that the consciousness beyond our separate sense of self is powerfully luminous and profoundly compassionate. In this, we come to understand that we are lose nothing in letting go of our small self, but gain an infinite sense of expansion, self-love, and connectedness with all things.
May love spark your fierce inner light so you may shine brightly and serve the world.
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love our world.
Source: Parvati Magazine