Summer 2014: Freedom and Delight (Read the Full Issue)

BY Parvati

Welcome to the summer 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine

This issue has a double theme: Freedom and Delight.

My summer has been both delightful and full of fresh insights that have given me a sense of new-found freedom. Since the last Parvati Magazine publication, we launched my new website. We hosted a preview party of my soon-to-be released music video “Yoga in the Nightclub”. We are in post-production for a second music video for my song “Shanti Om”. (Please watch the teasers!)

On a personal level, my spiritual teacher Amma recently blessed me by officiating my wedding to my long-time partner Rishi Deva. I am now married!

Being free means we can experience delight in the wonder and beauty of every moment in this human existence.

May the articles this month inspire you towards your own sense of freedom and help you to feel delight in every day.

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Source: Parvati Magazine