In every moment, a billion dreams are born.

But many will fade before they even begin.

My name is Parvati. As a singer and composer, I felt I needed to use my voice to serve a world in need.

I founded two international charities, Parvati Foundation and Gift the WorldTM,
because I’m not okay that our brothers and sisters everywhere are hurting from lack of food, water, shelter, safety, and hope.

Speak up for the future of life on Earth.
Sign the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Petition

A song to save our world
This global wake-up call needs your voice.

Keep cool.
It means the world.

A free resource for your total wellbeing

It is going to take a cool mind, a warm heart and a light step to bring harmony to ourselves, each other, and our world. Discover useful tools to live with more tranquility, clarity, and effectiveness.

Realize MAPS. It’s our future.

The largest preservation area in history

Nature implores us through increasing disasters and world crises to do all we can to quell her burning so that all beings may survive and thrive. Parvati Foundation is responding with MAPS.

"It is hugely important to establish the proposed sanctuary for preserving the unique Arctic flora and fauna and thus helping to slow down climate change at this critical time.”

History in the making

Parvati Foundation and Gift the World are strategically positioned to create maximum benefit in minimum time,

so that we can end hunger and poverty at all levels.

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