Enlightenment wherever you are – Davao Sun Star (COVER STORY)


AMID the brokenhearted pop, angry rap, and the deafening din that accompanies trance and electro in a dance club, one can lose one’s soul and equanimity. But for this artist that is debuting globally her music on Dom Lau’s Asia Pop 40 on Saturday, March 19, which can be heard over Monster Radio BT 99.5FM in Davao and 105.9FM in Cebu on Sunday March 20 between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., anywhere is just the right place to be and to grow.
She has lined up Davao as among the places she will be going on her Asian Tour in April 2016, as well.
“My song ‘I Am Light’ will be released on Asia Pop 40, which broadcast in Davao. So going to your city was a must! :),” Parvati wrote in an online chat last week.
Parvati, while otherwise not in the mainstream music scene here is a “chart-topping, award-winning Canadian musician.” Dom Lau of Asia Pop 40, who airs from Singapore, is one of the most recognized personalities in Asia. A former anchor of E! News Asia and a VJ for Fox International’s Channel [V]. Asia Pop 40 is heard in 25 cities across Asia and throughout Australia online on iHeartRADIO.
“I Am Light”, her latest composition that debuts worldwide next Sunday (Philippine time) “is about finding your inner spark. It too celebrates the gift of life, in its own way,” she said.
A yoga teacher as well as being a musician, her chart-topper before “I am Light” was “Yoga in a Night Club”, which delivers her message to those who are seeking enlightenment but are caught up in the rat race.
“Most people think yoga is about bendy/stretchy physical exercises. But it is about waking up to the reality that we, and everything, are interconnected. So the song Yoga In the Nightclub celebrates this by inviting people to see beyond what may seem like two apparent opposites, into finding awakened presence everywhere no matter where you may be – even in a nightclub,” she said.
“To me life is an opportunity to connect and celebrate the gift of being alive.”
“In what has now become a multibillion dollar global industry, most people know yoga for its physical fitness benefits. But what if yoga were less about the way your body looks and more about the energy essence that moves it? The true power of yoga is in understanding life-force energy,” she added.
From Yoga in a Night Club, Parvati pushed on with “I am Light,” described a sparkling, catchy, beautifully self-produced feel great pop song.
But as Parvati would rather describe it, “I Am Light is about finding your inner spark. It too celebrates the gift of life, in its own way.” “The core of the song is built around an ancient mantra that is said to be the words a monk said at the moment he attained enlightenment. I find it so inspiring to think of the moment of enlightenment as the realization of everything as one. The moment you realize it’s all light. Light is what we really are. It is our true nature,” she added.
Aside from being a musician and yoga teacher, Parvati is also a published author. Her debut self-help book “confession of a Former Yoga Junkie”, which is now on its third edition, is an account of her near death experience and how she started on her spiritual life.
With the growing community of the so-called lightworkers and yoga practitioners in Davao, Parvati’s music just might be the medium by which they will all be brought together.
Search Parvati in YouTube to get a preview of how her voice and music sounds. The word nearest to describe it is: angelic.