How I Gave Up Chocolate and Discovered the Power of Choice – Sivana Spirit


As the holiday season gets into full swing, you may feel tempted to eat foods you know are not healthy for you, spend money your wiser self says you should not, or act in ways that don’t support your highest good. Beginning this week, I will share a series of contemplations on how to make healthy choices even when challenged.

Until my mid-teens, I was convinced that the best desserts for me contained chocolate. That is how I had been encouraged, growing up in a house full of chocolate lovers. In a Pavlovian way, whenever I saw chocolate, I started to salivate. I was convinced I wanted some!

But puberty brought with it a call to make choices that honoured my authentic nature. As hormones ran through my veins and my body grew in new ways, I also developed debilitating migraine headaches that would leave me sick and bedridden for days.

The doctor told me that I needed to stop eating foods that were well-known migraine triggers, one of which was chocolate. I thought my world had ended. In some ways, it had; and as it did, a whole new one opened up.

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