Positive Possibilities Reminder – September 01, 2016 at 01:44PM

BY Parvati

The unstoppable force is that which already is and can be changed by no will of my own. It is now and forever, born and unseen, present and unchanging. It exists through all, yet has no form. To identify with form is to attempt to contain it.
My passions, thoughts, visions and ideas – all the wants unfulfilled in me – are a small and ignorant attempt to change the directive of this force, for no effort can quell its rise. That which the small me wants, my limited perceptions that get me stuck and lead to suffering, may get in its way, but only in passing. For it compassionately burns up all that which does not serve and transforms the limited into the essential.
The unstoppable force is coming through whether I like it or not. With it, there is no negotiation. I have a choice to tumble in its wake and resist its awe-inspiring magnificence as I hold onto wanting my life on my own terms. Or I can choose to rise with it as I let go and accept that I know no thing, see no thing, am no thing, and flow within its immense whole. As I get out of its way and witness its glorious rise, unrelenting, profoundly tender, immensely alive and deeply revolutionary, it shows me, in each breath, through each moment, the steps to permanent freedom. In its heartbeat I am born again beyond me, beyond wants, beyond limitation, born into the body of She, the radiant One. In its pulse I am nothing and I am eternally home, a child resting in the lap of the divine.
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