Positive Possibilities Reminder – September 02, 2016 at 10:40AM

BY Parvati

For a spiritual aspirant, an #eclipse provides an optimal time for spiritual progress and work that is done in the light of selfless service. The darkening of the worldly tendencies dulls our attachment to our ego and will. In the dark of the eclipse we can access, with much greater ease, the light of pure consciousness that is animating the entire universe. Most of the time, the access point to that infinite light is overshadowed by our attachments to the temporal light of the sun, our physical universe, our limited perceptions and ego. In the darkness of the eclipse, we can see the spiritual light more clearly. The veil of illusion is thinner so that we may peer through it and gain insight into our true nature. In this way, an eclipse is a powerful time for profound and lasting release of our attachments to our ego and limited sense perceptions and open to that infinite light of pure consciousness.
If you have a guru, mantra or spiritual practice, it is an ideal time to dive much deeper. These are the days to “step it up”, meditate longer, surrender more, open wider and then wider still. The progress made during the eclipsing of the ego drive, when one roots one’s actions in selfless service, will then fuel the connection to that infinite source of light when the tempting attraction to the temporal light of the sun returns and that window into the mysteries of pure consciousness is harder to find.
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