PARVATI MAGAZINE – April 2015: Manifesting


'We create our reality' is a popular phrase in today's New Age thinking. The implication that 'we' are the doers may bolster our sense of being powerfully in charge. But the idea that a self, separate from the whole, is doing the work come at the expense of our inherent sense of interconnection.

Timeless spiritual sages teach us that the 'I' we think to be so solid and real, is an illusion, perpetuated by our perceptions. In reality, we are one with the very fabric of the universe, which is joy.

We experience this essential joy when we feel full and grateful, not when we feel lack, separate or in wanting. By feeling we have enough, we experience the richness of the now. Within this moment, all possibilities arise so that we may find lasting contentedness.

While many of us are busy chasing proverbial rainbows by believing that 'we' created our reality, we fool ourselves into thinking that if we only work hard enough, fast enough, smart enough, or become spiritual enough, we will eventually manifest the life that we want.

May this month's articles inspire you to wisely meet this moment as it is, so you may manifest your fullest, most abundant self.


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