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Awakening into Connection

After repeated request from many of my yoga students and teacher colleagues, I composed an album to support the practice of yoga. The music on Electro Yog naturally follows the arc of a one-hour yoga class, without lead vocals to compete with the instructor’s voice. We are redesigning the Positive Possibilities online store, but it is still open for any purchases you may like to do. If you feel so moved, you can purchase Electro Yog there now for yourself or for someone you love.

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Gratitude, Light, Literary Activity and Democracy

Namaste and a very happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! Whether or not you are celebrating this traditional holiday this weekend, I hope that you feel enriched by the power of gratitude today and always.

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Speaking Up About Arctic Seabed Bombing

This has been a busy week full of surprises. I was not expecting, while moving to the finish line on launching a new website, to start a not for profit organization. (The website looks amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you!) Such unexpected events help to keep us in touch with our purpose, in alignment with our soul voice, when we are willing to meet them fully. When I learned a week ago that the Canadian government has given clearance for oil companies to bomb the seabed of the Arctic Ocean, I felt profoundly shaken in the depth of my being. I could sense the Great Blue Whale totem animal, that drew me on my North Pole journey and that guided the powerful healing that followed, echoing through me with a resounding NO! I knew immediately that the sonic effect of these blasts would kill the magnificent whales and sea creatures. Before the oceans were permeated with ship traffic noise, the sounds emitted by whales were heard as far as four thousand miles away. On a particularly quiet day, tones would only have become inaudible after thirteen thousand miles – more than the diameter of the Earth. We cannot even begin to understand the subtlety of such communication – nor the harm we do…

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Ask Parvati Finale: The Miracle of Nature’s Healing – Part 3: Prayers Are Always Answered (Just Not The Way We May Think)

(Continued from “Following The Call to Nature Co-Creation”) When I was at the top of the world, I did some shamanic healing work on the planet, while the sacred Hindu 1000 names of the Goddess were being chanted – all as a gratitude offering for the benefic bounty of our Mother Earth. Then I quietly prayed with all my heart and said to the planet herself something like, “Mother, I know you are suffering. If there is any way I can help, if I can help alleviate your burden in some way, let me know.” And that was that. A shamanic ritual can be likened to a portal being opened, a window into larger sight that provides an ability to see beyond the lens of our habitual self. And seeing something larger is what I did. In the months that followed the ritual, I had a very intense time trying to integrate the immensity of suffering I saw in our world: the way we resist the exquisite joy of being here; the way we hold onto pain and make it “mine”; the way millions all over the world suffer from not having very basic needs met; the way those with so much squander their gifts and take for granted the bounty. I cried for weeks, not…

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North Pole Retrospective: Back in Toronto

Dear friends, A year ago this morning, back from the North Pole, I awoke from a powerful dream of the Goddess. I was far north. I had no sense of bearing. I was just very north, looking for my spiritual community. I met the Goddess there in a co-op building with food supplies. When I saw Her, I was surprised and overjoyed…

Ask Parvati 30: Creating Your Reality, Part 5: Purification Back To The One

Dear friends, A year ago today I visited a high school in Iqaluit before flying home to Toronto to conclude my life-changing North Pole journey.   North Pole Journey, Day Seven The school bell rings and triggers a Pavlovian response in me. A feeling of excitement and freedom surges through my body. The halls fill with noisy, boisterous, vibrantly alive students who emerge from small rooms. Soon the auditorium is flooded with dynamic bodies full of the very hormones I felt pulsating through the halls when I first walked in. I peek out of my dressing room door and see a room agitated and full of energy…   CREATING YOUR REALITY, PART 5: PURIFICATION BACK TO THE ONE (Continued from Welcome to Life School) We must learn to purify our thoughts, lessen our attachment to our ego in order to evolve. Seeing life as a mirror provides a wonderful humbling opportunity to do just that. When we understand that what we experience is a result of our thoughts and perceptions, we can grow and make changes, so that our life becomes more fulfilling and joyful. As our minds purify, eventually we become one with the Reality that we are love. Then, love is all we see. Once we have purified our minds, released our identification with…

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Ask Parvati 30: Creating Your Reality – Part 4: Welcome To Life School

Dear friends, A year ago today was my last morning in Resolute Bay. North Pole Journey, Day Six: Back to Iqaluit We say our goodbyes to Chris at the inn, then Meghan at the airport who drives us to our departure. There is no doubt we are sad to leave. This has been an enormously important trip for each one of us, the likes of which seems still masked by a cloudy feeling that draws across my inner sight. I cannot quite see the magnitude of what this all means. All I know for sure is, like a child who marks their growth with lines on the inside of a doorjamb, the growth of my Self is marked on the doorjamb of my life by this trip to the North Pole…. ____________________________________________ Creating Your Reality, Part 4: Welcome To Life School (Continued from Life Is A Mirror) Seeing life as a mirror to our thoughts makes life our perfect school, the best place ever to evolve. We then see life constantly supporting our evolution, no matter what happens. We may experience difficulty. No problem! That is life showing us the way we have limiting beliefs, the way we need to grow, things we need to release, etc… If we are true spiritual seekers, this is great…

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Ask Parvati 30: Creating Your Reality – Part 3: Life Is A Mirror

Dear friends, This week’s blog topic continues below, after I take a moment to pause and reflect on my North Pole journey. A year ago today we were in Resolute Bay, having returned from the North Pole, and we joined with Satish Sikha to unveil his green eco-silk on an iceberg. North Pole Journey: Day Five Satish pulls open his fabric from his jute carrying case. Sunanda, Sam and I take a portion to help him draw it open. Rishi runs his video camera up and down its length, capturing its green colour and message fluttering in the wind. Satish seems happy, despite shivering in the freezing cold. He has traveled so far for this moment. On this iceberg, in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, he exposes the hand-penned words of dignitaries from around the world as a call to ecological action in light of the melting polar ice. I am proud to hold the portion of the eco-silk fabric that I happened to sign… _______________________________________ Creating Your Reality: Part 3 – Life Is A Mirror (Continued from Reality (Capital “R”) and Reality (Lower Case “r”) ) When we think of ourselves as important and in control, we inevitably suffer. We become attached to matter (objects, people, places, things), feeling we have power over them.…

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Ask Parvati 30: Creating Your Reality – Part 2: Reality (Capital “R”) and reality (Lower Case “r”)

Dear friends, Before we start today’s blog post, I would like to take a moment to remember that a year ago today, I landed at the top of the world. There, I performed and shot video for four of my songs. Then I spent a couple of hours in deep prayer and meditation, really tuning in to all beings and the planet. Thank you so much, again, for your support. Parvati North Pole Retrospective: Day Four Day Four, Part One: Up, Up And Away! Somehow, I like this plane. Perhaps the purpose of the journey itself inspires me and makes all things uncomfortable seem meaningless. Neither the prevalent smell of gasoline nor the uncomfortable, collapsible seats made of woven, synthetic fabric hung over metal rods is a bother. I have ridden for hours in a tropical jeep crammed with more than twenty sweaty people as we bump over dirt roads. I have slept on concrete rooftops, park benches, on the soil of dense forests and on the sand in open, raging beaches with few necessities. As the adventurer and one ready to serve the highest good in all, I feel ready for anything… Day Four, Part Two: Eureka, Angels, Natamba As we land, Mark, already on the ground, opens our cabin door to help us deplane as…

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Ask Parvati 30: Creating Your Reality

Dear friends, Thank you for this week’s emails, Facebook posts and tweets regarding my one-year anniversary of being at the North Pole. I really appreciate your support. To honour the work that was done on that trip, I am currently working on my first music video, using footage from the North Pole, and a short documentary of the trip to share with you all. So please stay tuned for the completion and release of those exciting projects. This week I also received quite a few Ask Parvati questions. Thank you for those as well! As usual, the one I here answer was chosen lottery style. Enjoy! The Ask Parvati for this week will begin after today’s recollection of my North Pole journey. A year ago today, it was my second day in Resolute. Day Three, Part One I wake up to my second morning in Resolute Bay. It is the day before I leave for the North Pole. I feel inwardly warmed by the memory of meeting the Inuit healers Lisa and Louisa last night. What grace to have such palpable, human confirmation that a subtle thread of healing interconnects us all. How else could these women have known before meeting me that I was coming to the North Pole to do healing work for the Earth?…

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