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Ask Parvati 35: The Gift in Gossip – Part 3: Gossip Hurts

GOSSIP HURTS (Continued from Cultivating Compassion) At the core of the practice of satya (truthfulness) is non-gossip. Non-gossip is also part of the five Buddhist precepts, rules by which to live. These precepts are analogous to the yogic Yamas and Niyamas and to the Ten Commandments. They are: 1. Do not kill (including non-harming, the absence of violence) 2. Do not steal (including taking that which is not rightfully yours) 3. Do not lie (including name calling and gossip) 4. Do not misuse sex (including adultery, harassment, exploitation; for renunciates, this means celibacy) 5. Do not consume intoxicants (including drugs, alcohol; for some this can even mean do not engage in mind-numbing activities such as movies and TV) Gossip is idle talk or rumours, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. Gossip is prolific in our society, something we often take for granted. In extreme cases, it is considered a trustworthy source of information. It seems gossip is practiced when we do not feel “enough”. It comes from scarcity. It is not an expression of abundance, plenty, joy and fulfillment. We all have the capacity to gossip about what “they” did “over there”, because that makes us feel temporarily better than “them”. But we only do that for the temporary fix of feeling “better”,…

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Ask Parvati 22: It’s A Spiritual Life – Part 1

IT’S A SPIRITUAL LIFE Dear Parvati Devi, Do you have any guidance for me? Could you see me through your divine vision and guide me to be pure and spiritual? Could you ask Mata Parvati whom I love dearly, if she has anything to say to me? I am in Kolkata, India. Thank you. DEAR FRIEND Thank you for your question. Though my guru named me Parvati, I am no more the Divine Mother than you. In each one of us, Devi, the supreme, primordial force, exists, if we are willing to see Her. Since you write me your question from India, I feel that you are blessed to live in the same country of a great living saint who is a fully realized master and one with the Mother Goddess Parvati. She is the one who gave me the name Parvati. If you do want a blessing from Devi, go to Kerala and have darshan with Mata Amritanandamayi Devi at Her ashram, Amritapuri. If you cannot get there, Amma, as she is also known, tours India regularly. For information and tour dates and locations, you can go to Not yet being a realized being myself, I have chosen to see your question as an invitation to share how I have and continue to invite…

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Ask Parvati 5: How To Begin Meditating

How To Begin Meditating March 27, 2011 Thank you for this week’s questions. This week, we take a look at the power of meditation. As part of the blog this week, I include a guided visualization for Japan. When I launched my new online store at last weekend, I led a meditation for Japan, which I recorded. Please join us in sending the people of Japan and our planet much-needed healing. The meditation is posted here. Please forward the link to whomever you think may be interested. To get your question in for next week’s blog, please send it to by Thursday, March 31. Sending prayers for deep peace, Parvati The power of meditation Dear Parvati, I have been considering starting a meditation practice, but I’m not sure where or how to begin. Can you please share how you began meditating, and how I might go about getting started? Thank you for your question. The topic of meditation is very dear to me. It is something that fuels my life. I would even say it is the foundation to all that I do. It is a deepening, ongoing process that continues to teach me the true value of learning to fully live and love. I first saw the effects of meditation when my grandmother walked…

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